The Join This Group portlet

The Join This Group portlet instance is displayed on the public page of a public group's context. The way this portlet behaves varies depending on the enrollment option currently in place for the group.

For example:

·       If the group has open enrollment, with no application required, the portlet includes a Join Now button that lets you join immediately.

·       If the group requires a membership application, the portlet includes a link that says Click here to apply to join. Clicking this link lets you fill out and submit an application.

·       If the group is invitation only or if it is closed to new members, the portlet includes a message stating as much.

If you need help navigating to the public page of a group, see Browsing a list of public groups.

Note that it is possible for an administrator to rename the Join This Group portlet instance, but you can recognize its behavior -- it always behaves in one of the ways described above.

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