Pio Presence

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Student Organization Training Canvas Course

Student Organizations have access to online training modules for frequently used tasks, topics, and policies. Anyone in a student organization can be added to the training course. 

Modules include:

  • Budgeting/Spending
  • Travel, Contracts, and Risk Management policies
  • Catering
  • Room Reservations through EMS
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Advisor Training

To be added to the course, click here.

Student Organization & Greek Life Awards

Fundraising Form

Form must be submitted to Student Activities at least 10 business days prior to fundraising.

(.docx, 293K)

Student Org Handbook

Event Forms

You need a copy of this at your event for anyone who wins a prize at an event needs to put their information on this form.
(.docx, 14K)

This form is intended for events that require event sign up forms at the Campus Center Information Desk and for events that are taking place off campus. Note: there is now a $10 late fee for not meeting the noted deadline. 

(.pdf, 161K)

NEW: Student Organizations wishing to contract with a performer, speaker, rental company, etc. must complete the CONTRACT REQUEST FORM 15 business days prior to the event, and schedule a meeting with Student Activities. https://carrolluniversity-iqoaq.formstack.com/forms/contract_request_form

Students may not sign contracts on behalf of the organization or University. Please note, in Wisconsin a verbal agreement can be binding. 

(.pdf, 6K)

Student Org Paperwork

This guide has everything the Webmaster for your organization should need in order to properly manage your group, invite members to your group, design your groups page, add handouts, and more!
(.pdf, 1323K)
Please view this copyright information manual if you are looking at hosting a screening of a film on campus. This is important information! Failure to comply with copyright laws could result in large fines and diciplinary action toward Carroll University.
(.pdf, 634K)
Notice: This form must be completed within 30 days of purchase and must be submitted with original receipts.
(.pdf, 225K)

This excel sheet should be used by student organizations to track their member's volunteer hours. 

(.xlsx, 11K)

Student Org Transition Documents

Transition Training Zoom Recording

Here is the recording of our Zoom meeting about transitions for student organizations.



2022 Important Dates

Involvement Fair: Feb 22nd 3-5PM Stackner Ballroom

Required Org Training- Transitioning Leadership: February 23rd 2022 from 4-4:45 & 5-5:45PM

Required Org Training- Meaningful Meetings: March 30th 2022 from 4-4:45 & 5-5:45PM

Required Org Training-  Soft Skills and Hard Skills: April 20th 2022 from 4-4:45 & 5-5:45PM


Click to see a list of all the student organizations at Carroll!

 For details about individual organizations, visit Presence here.

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Important Student Organization Bookmarks

Check out the exciting things happening on campus on the Student Activities Facebook page!

Graphic Design Requests

To submit a graphic design request, please fill out the request form HERE.


Advisor Resources

A guided conversation between Student Organization President and Student Organization Advisor.
(.docx, 16K)
If you have a new group that is in utter chaos, use this guide to get a better idea of what the group forming process consists of.
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