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Interim Policies and Guidelines for Student Organizations, Fraternities/Sororities, and Student Activities

This document provides policy and best practice for student organizations, fraternities/sororities, and Student Activities Events to ensure the safety of our community. If you work with an inter/national organization that provides stricter guidance, abide by the more stringent guidelines.

Organization leadership, fraternity/sorority leadership, and student activities staff (here on collectively referred to as Student Organizations) are expected to know and abide by the Carroll University Interim COVID-19 Guidelines. These guidelines are updated or reaffirmed monthly.

Other pertinent information about schedules, housing, and online learning can be found here:

Information about COVID-19 symptoms and testing can be found here:


Guiding public health data informed principles: The Carroll University Ethos and underlying values expect our community members to consider the safety of and concern for others. The Center for Disease Control studies and recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 inform our decisions regarding Student Organization requirements and guidelines. Based on CDC information, our assumptions include:

  • The best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposure to the virus. Students who do not feel well should stay in their place of residence and follow our Health Center procedures linked above.
  • “The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.
    • Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
    • Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.
    • These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.
    • Some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.” (

In addition, we expect Carroll students and Student Organizations to take responsibility for assessing potential risk of their members AND of communities that our members may meet. Someone in the organization or a potential guest may be at higher risk of complications due to underlying health concerns. Taking the necessary precautions for these members and guests will keep everyone safe.

 Interim Student Organization Policies:

  • Face coverings/masks and physical distancing must be worn or observed at all student organization functions regardless of location.
  • Non-essential Student Organization travel is suspended. Student Activities must approve all travel off campus.
  • Student Organization on-campus events must be registered through Pioneer Presence five business days before the date of the event.
  • Student Organization off-campus events must be registered through Pioneer Presence ten business days before the date of the event.
  • Student Organizations must gain approval of events from Student Activities and Reservation and Events Services. Student Organizations hosting unapproved/unregistered events will be subject to the conduct process.
  • Student Organizations must take attendance through Pioneer Presence at meetings and events to assist with contact tracing if necessary.
  • Student Organizations are required to host one all campus event during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Student Organizations are required to fulfill the volunteer requirements as stated in the Student Organization Handbook. These events must be registered per the requirements above.
  • Student Organizations may not have more than two people staffing their Involvement Fair table at a given time.

Student Organization Guidance:


  • All meetings that can effectively be done virtually should be held virtually to decrease potential exposure and increase safety.
  • In person meetings are permitted based upon appropriate capacity guidance for current health standards. Capacities may be limited to 25% of the original room capacity (new capacities are in EMS). Meetings should be held in spaces with separate entrance and exit doors. If groups are unable to move, meetings may need to continue in a virtual environment or some sort of hybrid thereof.
  • Physical distancing in these meetings must be practiced.
  • Face coverings/masks must be worn.
  • All members are encouraged to do a symptom check before going to an org meeting. Org leadership should consider sending reminders for symptom checking.


  • Campus programming can begin pending an approved safety plan proposed for the safe management of the program/event. Capacities for each event will be based upon current health standards and room capacities. Layouts should follow appropriate physical distancing guidelines. Entry and exit points for these events should be clearly defined. Every available safety precaution should be made to ensure the safety of participants and presenters are taken into consideration. Events should also be live streamed to minimize attendance size. Events that typically encourage closer contact with people will still be prohibited (i.e. dances, some recreational sports, etc.)
  • Outdoor events allow for more flexibility as physical distancing can be easier to accomplish.
  • Off-campus participants must be registered with Student Activities and will need to abide by our safety guidelines and policies.
  • Large scale/traditional events may be considered assuming appropriate physical distancing and spacing can be managed and controlled. Traditional events with crowds over 100 people that cannot move to a room that allows for appropriate physical distancing as per guidance will be prohibited.
  • Student Organizations hosting off campus events should consider travel methods seriously. Travel beyond 15 minutes from campus in a vehicle with people not of the same household where physical distancing cannot be observed is discouraged.
  • Student organizations should assess the activities that they hope to do at an event and decrease person-to-person contact, avoid multi-person touch points or objects, and increase disinfection.


  • All food services must be conducted through Chartwell’s Catering/Dining.
  • Events with meal service will not be approved. All food must be "take away." 


  • Handouts/giveaways/freebies are permitted provided the organization takes precautionary steps to ensure recipients do not congregate to receive the items. It is recommended that items are placed on a table and recipients pick up their item with limited contact with others.

Student Activities reserves the right to amend these policies and guidelines to ensure alignment and compliance with current health standards.

CONTACT: Katie Lesperance, Director of Student Activities & Fraternity/Sorority Life,

Student Organization Training Canvas Course

Student Organizations have access to online training modules for frequently used tasks, topics, and policies. Anyone in a student organization can be added to the training course. 

Modules include:

  • Budgeting/Spending
  • Travel, Contracts, and Risk Management policies
  • Catering
  • Room Reservations through EMS
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Advisor Training

To be added to the course, click here: 

Student Organizations

To view all current and active student organizations, or to request to create an organization, please visit:



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Actuarial Science Club 

Beta Beta Beta (Biology Club)

Chemistry Club

Future Healthcare Executives

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Physical Therapy Club (PT Club)

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Public Health Club

SALUD (Science And Language Undergraduate Development)

Sports Medicine Club (Sports Med Club)

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

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Carroll University Fishing Club

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Funny Bone Mafia Improv Group                  



Greek Life


Black Student Union

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Indian Student Association (ISA)

Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Xi Delta

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Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc.

Delta Rho Upsilon

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Active Minds

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Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)  

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Student Senate





Carroll University Republicans

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Century Magazine

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WCCX-104.5 FM


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

WELS Campus Ministry

For access to your organization's shared drive, please click HERE
**To gain access to your Q: drive, please contact Student Activities at **
Student Organization & Greek Life Awards
Student Org & Greek Life Banquet Award Descriptions (.pdf, 67K)
Fundraising Form
Fundraising Form (.docx, 293K)

Form must be submitted to Student Activities at least 10 business days prior to fundraising.

Student Org Handbook
Org Handbook 2020-2021 (.pdf, 508K)
Event Forms
Prize Log (.docx, 14K)
You need a copy of this at your event for anyone who wins a prize at an event needs to put their information on this form.
Event Sign Up Form (.pdf, 161K)

This form is intended for events that require event sign up forms at the Campus Center Information Desk and for events that are taking place off campus. Note: there is now a $10 late fee for not meeting the noted deadline. 

Contract Information Form (.pdf, 6K)

NEW: Student Organizations wishing to contract with a performer, speaker, rental company, etc. must complete the CONTRACT REQUEST FORM 15 business days prior to the event, and schedule a meeting with Student Activities.

Students may not sign contracts on behalf of the organization or University. Please note, in Wisconsin a verbal agreement can be binding. 

Student Org Paperwork
Group Page Guide-For Webmaster (.pdf, 1323K)
This guide has everything the Webmaster for your organization should need in order to properly manage your group, invite members to your group, design your groups page, add handouts, and more!
Copyright Information (.pdf, 634K)
Please view this copyright information manual if you are looking at hosting a screening of a film on campus. This is important information! Failure to comply with copyright laws could result in large fines and diciplinary action toward Carroll University.
Request for Payment (.pdf, 225K)
Notice: This form must be completed within 30 days of purchase and must be submitted with original receipts.
MyOrgs Database User Guide (.pdf, 1246K)

Reference this user guide to learn more about how to upload rosters, input campus events and service projects as well as run reports of your current members. 

Expense Report & Mileage Reimbursement (.pdf, 258K)
Misc Paperwork
Table Tent Template (.pdf, 77K)
Carroll University Driver Approval and Training Checklist (.pdf, 2616K)
Student Org Transition Documents
Student Org Transition Training.pdf (.pdf, 2264K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Transition Training Zoom recording

Here is the recording of our Zoom meeting about Transitions for Student Organizations.



Graphic Design Requests

To submit a graphic design request, please fill out the request form HERE

Advisor Resources
Advisor Agreement (.docx, 16K)
A guided conversation between Student Organization President and Student Organization Advisor.
Do's and Do Not's of Advising Student Organizations (.docx, 15K)
A great go to about the roles of advisors.
Meeting the Needs of an Organization (.docx, 324K)
You have a new group that is in utter chaos. Use this guide to get a better idea of what the group forming process consists of.
Advisor Training Powerpoint (.pptx, 4156K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
You have no incoming announcements.
Important Student Organization Bookmarks
Student Activities Facebook Page

Check out the exciting things happening on campus on the Student Activities Facebook page!

Student Organization Credit Card Purchase Request

Student Organizations may request the use of a Student Activities Credit Card for purchases greater than $75 (exceptions may be granted). This form must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to needing the item if picking up in store, or up to one month in advance considering shipping/delivery. If your order cannot arrive on time, it will not be placed. 

Student Organization Contract Request Form

All student organizations inviting an outside speaker, group, performer, or rental company to campus must set up a meeting at least 15 business days prior to the event with Katie Lesperance, or designee, in Student Activities. To do this, email Student Organizations should complete this form and submit it prior to the meeting date, or at least 15 business days before the event. 


Please note: students may not sign contracts on behalf of the University. In Wisconsin a verbal agreement can be considered a contract. At no point, should you agree to a price, date, or event with a performer. Let them know that you will submit the information to the proper signing authorities. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.