What Is It?

The 6-Week Challenge is a program designed to encourage new Carroll Students to participate in campus activities during the first six weeks of the fall semester.

What if I Am a Commuter?

Commuters are strongly encouraged to engage in the Carroll community by attending campus events, especially the 6-Week Challenge activities.

Why Is It Important?                                 

It is important for students to participate on campus to establish independence, make new friends, and get to know Carroll and everything it has to offer.  Stay on campus and get involved. Oftentimes, getting over homesickness is helped by getting involved on campus rather than going home.

How Can I Win Prizes?

Prizes will be raffled every week of participation. If you attend enough of the weekend events, you will be eligible for one of three grand prizes.

What Are the Events?
Good Vibes Coffee Shop
The Great Scavenger Hunt