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Grade Release & Hazing Policy Compliance Form (.pdf, 302K)

All members of the fraternity and Sorority community should have a Grade Release & Hazing Policy Compliance form on file. This form should be submitted to the Assistant Director of Student Activities no more than 48 hours after bid acceptance.

Participant/Guest List for Off Campus Events (.pdf, 103K)

Use this form to submit your participant or guest list for off campus events that are not open to campus (invite or members only). This form is submitted with your Greek Life Event Registration Form.

Greek Life Handbook (.pdf, 943K)

Policies and Procedures for social fraternities and sororities. This is a supplement to the Student Organization Handbook. 

Chapter Information
Greek Life Chapter Accreditation (.docx, 89K)
Roster (.xlsx, 10K)

Chapter Rosters are submitted twice a semester, once at the beginning of the semester, and once at the end to verify. Final roster submissions are used for grade report data collection. 

Disaffiliation Form (.pdf, 348K)

Use this form when any pledged or initiated member leaves the organization or whose membership is terminated by the chapter. 

New Member Program Registration (.docx, 1450K)

Use this form to notify Student Activities Fraternity and Sorority Life that you will be educating new members during the semester. 

Risk Management
Risk Management Survey (.docx, 40K)

Suggested to be use before any event that may pose risk to participants (mixers, off-campus events, retreats, etc.).

Risk Management Resources (.docx, 67K)
FIPG Guidelines (.pdf, 189K)
New Member Educators Manual (.pdf, 1079K)

This manual is designed to give guidance to New Member Educators as they work with new members through the education period. It is expected that each NME is familiar with all applicable policies and procedures, including all paperwork submissions and deadlines. 

NPC Safety and Risk Management (.pdf, 142K)
NIC Health and Safety (.docx, 11K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.