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Events Every Friday & Saturday Night!
Our goal is to offer late-night programs for students to encourage them to stay on campus during weekends.  
Programs are sponsored by the CU@Night Committee, Student Organizations, Greek Life, Residence Life, & Departments.  
Interested in hosting an event with your organization or department?
Check out the links below to see how to apply!

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Program Planner
Program Planner (.pdf, 1024K)

The Program Planner is for Student Organizations, Greek Life, or Residence Life to use to help plan an event.  Please feel free to use this Program Planner to guide your event planning.  

If you need funds for your event, please considering hosting a CU@Night event.  To apply to host a CU@Night event, please read the Application Guidelines below in the "CU@Night Application" category.  The CU@Night Application will be completing Steps 1-5 of the Program Planner and submitting it to the Student Activities' CU@Night Committee.

CU@Night Application
CU@Night Application Guidelines (.doc, 53K)
CU@Night Application (Fillable Electronically) (.pdf, 1178K)

For the CU@Night Application, Steps 1-5 of the Program Planner must be completed.  The program planner is attached here.  This attachment is the electronic file that can be filled out on your computer.  

*** You must have a 2015 or newer version of Adobe in order to properly fill out this form (All Carroll computers have the 2015 version)

If you'd like a program planner that you can print out, please see the next attachment.

CU@Night Application (Printable) (.pdf, 1024K)

This is the CU@Night Application that is printable.  If you'd like to fill it out electronically, please use the attachment labeled "Electronically Fillable".  Steps 1-5 of this Program Planner must be completed in order to submit your CU@Night Application.

CU@Night Publicity Images
CU@Night Logo (ai) (.ai, 1069K)
All CU@Night events must have the CU@Night logo on them.  Please use this AI file, or the word or jpg files attached below, in order to add our logo to your publicity.  
In order to open this file properly, please use the web browser, Firefox.
CU@Night Logo (microsoft word) (.docx, 16K)
CU@Night Logo (jpg) (.jpg, 630K)
Additional Event Forms
Prize Log (.docx, 14K)
Request for Payment (.pdf, 225K)

Notice: This form must be completed within 30 days of purchase and must be submitted with original receipts.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Are you part of a Student Organization, Greek Life, Residence Life or a Department? Check out open dates for the 2019-2020 school year!



If you are interested in hosting a CU@Night event on any of these dates, follow the steps in the image above!



Graphic Design Requests

To submit a graphic design request, please fill out the request form HERE

CU@Night Frequently Asked Questions (.docx, 49K)

Have questions about CU@Night? Read through this document!  

If you still have questions, email them to:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.