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You can find the Carroll University Compact on page 13 of the Carroll University Student Handbook.

The Carroll University Compact

Carroll University is a community dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, personal fulfillment and spiritual meaning.  We come from different backgrounds and cultures, and bring distinct perspectives, traditions and experiences to this campus community.  Joining this community obligates each student to live and work according to these values.

I value the diversity and dignity of all people and respect their ideas, opinions and traditions.  This value requires an openness of mind, a willingness to affirm the differences among us, and a desire to develop shared understanding.

I practice personal and academic integrity.  This value requires each student of the community to support the creation of a positive living and learning environment that fosters academic excellence, a commitment to honesty, and the courage to speak one’s convictions.

I respect the physical environment of the campus and community.  This value requires a stewardship of resources and a commitment to nurturing the natural ecology of the campus and community.

I support and enhance the development of others.  This value requires a commitment to creating and empowering a learning and working environment which encourages collaboration, trust, and cooperation.

I encourage creativity and artistic expression.  This value requires a commitment to supporting the artistic ideas and expressions of others, while exploring one’s own originality and ingenuity.

I seek to understand my purpose in the world.  This value requires the development of a global perspective and an understanding that one is a citizen of the international community.

I dedicate myself to the exploration of personal values and spiritual meaning.  This value requires the willingness to explore one’s inner life through reflection, study, and inquiry.

Carroll University does not discriminate in any manner contrary to law or justice on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or veteran’s status in administration of its educational, admission, financial aid, athletic or other University policies and programs nor in the employment of its faculty and staff.