Carroll University Student Handbook

The Carroll University student handbook is available for download as a PDF file. The handbook contains contact information, resources and services for students, academic policies and procedures, general policies and procedures, and code of conduct.

Download the Student Handbook.

Posting Guidelines

Residence Life and Housing is happy to help staff, faculty and students advertise their events or share information in the residence halls and apartments. If you are interested in this, please click here!

Residence Hall and Apartment Collection Policy

If you are interested in hosting a collection drive within the residence halls or apartments, please click here to learn more about our policy. 

Housing Assignment Process
In July, the Assistant Director of Housing Operations will begin to process housing applications and match perspective roommates based on each student’s preferences from the housing application. If students have mutually requested one or more roommates, we will honor those requests and place those individuals together, based on their building preferences.

We try to honor individual preferences as much as possible, although we cannot guarantee that every student will get his/her first preference.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing will not make room assignment changes on the basis of discomfort/bias related to the confirmed or assumed identity of individuals. The Office of Residence Life and Housing strives to support students' realization of this portion of the Carroll Compact: I will value the human diversity and dignity of all people and will respect their ideas, opinions and traditions.


Living with one or more roommates can be one of the most exciting experiences you will have at Carroll. Living with roommates gives you the opportunity to meet new people, be a part of new experiences, and learn more about yourself and others around you. We want you to have a positive experience living with your new roommate(s).
Carroll University's Roommate Rights
As a Residence Life staff we strive to make sure that all on-campus residents are able to live in a safe and comfortable living arrangement. Below are some reasonable rights and expectations that all residents of Carroll University Housing should have for one another.
  1. The right to read and study free from undue interference in one's living space. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the right to exercise this right.
  2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests, or roommate(s), etc.
  3. The right to expect that a roommate(s) will respect one's personal belongings.
  4. The right to a clean living environment.
  5. The right to allow your roommate(s) open access to the room and common spaces without the pressure from a roommate(s).
  6. The right to personal privacy.
  7. The right to host guests (based on CU's guest and visitor policy), with the expectation that guests will respect the rights of the roommate(s) living in that space and follow all university policies and procedures.
  8. The right to grant permission or to be asked/consulted with before overnight guests are allowed to stay in the residential space.
  9. The right to be treated as an equal
  10. The right to be free from fear of harassment, intimidation, bullying, and physical and/or emotional harm.
  11. The right to expect that any disagreement and/or concern will be discussed in a respectful, civil, and open manner. Residence Life Staff are available for assistance if needed.
Roommate Agreement
The roommate agreement is a tool that assists students in having successful roommate relationships. It's also a great reference point when roommates need to have constructive conversations about their living arrangements. All students are required to complete the roommate agreement. Have questions about the roommate agreement? Contact your Resident Assistant or Area Director. 

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