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CSC Service Works, the nation's number one service provider to college campuses, manages the Carroll University laundry program. CSC Service Works features energy-efficient, dependable Maytag Neptune front load washers and Maytag dryers. The Neptune washers have several advantages over traditional top load washers:

  • They use less water and less soap
  • They have a larger capacity for larger loads
  • Their spin cycle is faster and, therefore, removes more water, resulting in less dry time
  • Clothes tend to come out cleaner

Click on the links above to monitor your laundry via LaundryView, read tips on how to do your laundry (including how to remove stains), or to report an equipment problem with LaundryLinx. You may also report an equipment problem by calling Mac-Gray at 1-800-MAC-GRAY (1-800-622-4729). All campus laundry facilities are part of Carroll's 'Free Laundry' Program. Simply load your garments in to any of our washers or dryers, select your cycle, and happy laundering! 

Please contact the Housing Office at 262-524-7330 with any questions about the laundry program.