Graduate Housing

Residence Life and Housing at Carroll University is excited to announce a great option for busy graduate students with our new graduate housing in Hartwell Apartments!  

Each air-conditioned unit features two-bedrooms with shared bathroom, full kitchen, living room and plenty of closet space. All utilities are included as well as cable, internet and free laundry within the apartment building. Although you'll have access to a full kitchen, an optional meal plan is also available to purchase. 

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Each unit may be leased for 9 or 12 months with a monthly rate of $655 per bedroom or $1310 for the entire apartment if availability allows

Graduate Housing FAQs

Who is eligible for graduate housing at Carroll University?

Any individual enrolled as a graduate student at Carroll University is eligible for on-campus graduate student housing.

Where is graduate housing located?

Graduate Housing is located in the Hartwell Avenue Apartments buildings A and D.

What types of apartments are available to graduate students?

Hartwell A and D offers two-bedroom apartments. Each building has four two-bedroom apartments.

What type of leases are available?

Residence Life and Housing offer 9-month and 12-month leases. With approval, students may enter into month to month leases.

Are the residence halls air conditioned, carpeted, and furnished?

All living units (rooms) are furnished for resident use. Each resident is, minimally, provided a bed, mattress, dresser, bookcase, hutch, desk, and desk chair. Graduate students may request that furniture provided by the University be removed.

Hartwell Apartments living units are carpeted.

Air conditioning is provided the campus apartments. Students may not install their own air conditioning units.

What amenities are available?

All utilities are included as well as cable and high speed internet, free laundry within the building, surface lot parking (with parking pass), and air conditioning. Residence Life staff is available in the Hartwell Apartments. Public Safety is available 24/7 and routinely surveil the Hartwell Apartments.

How much does it cost to live in Graduate Housing?

All Graduate Housing apartments consist of two bedrooms, a full kitchen and bathroom. Students are able to share the apartment with another graduate for $655 monthly. Students wishing to have the apartment to themselves are responsible for $1310 a month.

Does Carroll University provide custodial and maintenance services?

Custodial services are provided in all common living areas (hallways, lobbies, lounges, common-area kitchens, restrooms, etc.). It is the residents' responsibility to clean their own rooms.

Preventative and reactive maintenance is provided for University Housing as well. If an issue that needs attention arises, students should contact their Resident Assistant (RA) to complete a work order. Work orders are completed by order of urgency and in a timely manner.

How do I insure my personal belongings?

Carroll University is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property. It is recommended that you check to see if your personal belongings are covered under your parent or guardian's homeowner's insurance policy. If your belongings will not be covered by that policy, you may wish to buy renter's insurance prior to arriving on campus.

Even if you are covered by insurance, you may want to mark your personal belongings (such as TV, camera, computer, etc.).

What happens if I lose a key?

Only the residents living in a specific unit have a key to that unit. Keys are not to be duplicated. If you lose a key, it is important for you to notify Residence Life and Housing immediately to ensure the safety of your room and roommate(s). A fee is charged for the cost of re-keying your room.

How will I get mail and packages in the Graduate Housing?

Mail is delivered Monday-Friday to residents' campus mailboxes. Mail is not delivered during academic breaks and bulk mail cannot be forwarded. The Waukesha Post Office is located just a few blocks from the Hartwell Apartments.

Packages arriving for residents in the campus apartments are delivered to the Campus Center Information Desk. Residents are notified via email when a package has arrived and can be claimed using the Pioneer Card.

Where can I read the policies regarding living on campus? How do I know what items are restricted from University Housing?

The Carroll University Student Handbook includes a section titled "Residence Life and Housing." This section includes detailed information on the check-in and check-out processes, restricted items, community expectations, guest restrictions, and many other areas. Please take the time to read the handbook, as the policies apply to residents whether you have read them or not.

What are quiet hours?

Quiet hours are time that the University expects a higher level of awareness for the respect of the community members that are attempting to sleep and study. Quiet hours in all University Housing are 10 pm to 8 am. During this time, if other residents are creating noise that bothers you, please ask them to quiet down. If the noise continues, please contact the RA on duty or Public Safety to address the issue. The University also maintains courtesy hours at all times. Courtesy hours are a reminder to be respectful to your neighbors at all time.

Am I allowed to have pets in the residence halls?

Fish (no larger than 10 gallon aquarium) are the only animals permitted in University Housing.

Can I have guests and visitors in my room?

Overnight guests are limited to two (2) consecutive nights within a seven (7) day period with your roommate(s) approval prior to the guest(s) arrival. Overnight guests must register with Public Safety. Visitors are welcome between the hours of 8 am and 2 am. Guests and visitors must be escorted by the resident while in University Housing. Please refer to the Carroll University Handbook for greater detail.

Can I put up pictures and posters on the walls of my room?

Residents are encouraged to make their living unit home through decoration, however there are few items to keep in mind. Decorations that have a negative impact on the community will not be allowed. Also, residents should use adhesive materials with care; any damage cause by adhesives will be the responsibility of the resident.

Is there a pest policy? How do I prevent pests in my room?

There is a pest policy that can be found in the student handbook. All living units are inspected and declared free of pests by a licensed pest contractor before students move into their fall placements. Learn more about prevention.