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  1. All full time undergraduate students who enroll at Carroll are subject to a junior residency requirement. This requirement remains in effect until a student has achieved senior standing (92 credits) by the beginning of the academic year. Exceptions to this policy include those students who are married or in a partnership legally recognized by a state, 23 years of age or older, are the primary caregiver to a child and those students who are living within fifty (50) miles from campus with parents or legal guardians during the academic year for which they are enrolled.
  2. Each year, full time undergraduate students who wish to live off-campus must submit an Application to Live Off Campus. If the application is denied, students may submit a Request for Exemption to Residency Policy to the Housing Office. If the request is denied, the student will be subject to the residency policy and will need to complete the appropriate housing application.
  3. Students who have not been approved for release from the requirement and/or fail to submit an application and license agreement for campus housing will be charged for a standard double room and 10 Meal Weekly plan until the terms of the residency requirement have been satisfied.