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Prior to using the system, you must request a user account. Visit 

Refer to the EMS User Manual, and/or call Event Services (262-524-7353) for assistance. 


Once your event has been scheduled, don't forget to advertise! 

There are a variety of options available on campus for you to explore:

  • Campus Center Digital Display Board
  • Campus Center Posters and Outdoor Banners – Submit your request for posting space through the Pioneer Event Management System.
  • Sidewalk Chalking—Submit your request through the Pioneer Event Management System.
  • Fliers – may be no larger than 8.5”x11”. Fliers must be approved through the Student Involvement Center, a minimum of two weeks before your event to ensure proper distribution and posting.
  • Master Calendar – If in your request you indicated that you’d like your event posted on the calendar, there is nothing further you need to do! Your event will appear on the calendar shortly. If you do not see your event after three business days, email for assistance.
  • For additional locations and information regarding posting policies and processes, you may download the complete document here.