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Throughout the school year, departments around campus often request that a specific lot be closed for an event on campus. In this tab, you will find the days that an entire lot will be closed. Included will be specific times the lot will be closed and the reason for closing.


Additionally, when a lot closure request comes into Public Safety, our officers will usually reserve the lot at the start of the morning to ensure the spots needed will be available at the time of the request. For example, even if a lot is requested to be closed at 8 P.M on a certain day., Public Safety will close the lot for the entire day beginning at 4 A.M of the day requested. If you have any questions on parking alternatives, please contact Public Safety directly at (262) 524-7300 and we will assist you.


Augustl/September Full Lot Closures:




August/September Partial Lot Closures (10 or more spots):