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Carroll University maintains parking facilities throughout the campus for use by members of the university community and guests:


University parking facilities are available only for those using Carroll University facilities or those who have received permission from the Public Safety Center. The parking areas next to residence halls are restricted to resident parking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resident permits are required to park in these lots and in other designated resident lots. 




Residential students may park only in the lot designated by their permit. Commuting students must park only in lots designated for commuter students. Parking in an unauthorized area or in a lot for which the car is not permitted could result in a ticket and/or the towing of the vehicle. Any ticket or towing charges will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator. All questions regarding on-campus parking may be directed to the Department of Public Safety, 208 Wright St., 262.524.7300.


Student commuter parking permit applications are available online at After completing the application follow the listed instructions to submit it electronically.  The permit will be mailed to you.  There is no charge for a commuter parking permit. 

Commuters may park in lots 3, 9, 10, 11, 12 or the Dollar General lot at 139 E. Broadway. In the evenings, after 4 p.m., commuters may also park in lots 6 and 7. 

Safe-walks and shuttle rides are available from Public Safety by calling 262-524-RIDE or using one of the blue light phones on campus. If you have questions, contact the Public Safety Center at 262.524.7300.



Guests may park without permit in the Campus Center Lot (guest lot) until 2 a.m. Overnight guests are not allowed on campus due to COVID restrictions.  

Faculty/Staff permits are available at the Public Safety Center at 208 Wright Street and may be picked up Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM.  They are free of charge. 


The main F/S lots are Lot 5 (east) and Lot 7 (Barstow; Across from Hastad/Jaharis).  Faculty/staff may also park along the wood fence on the north side of Lot 5 and in the marked F\S only spots in Lot 1.  


Additionally, Faculty/Staff permit holders may park in Lot 9 (large surface lot west of Humphrey Art Center), Lot 10 (next to tennis courts), and Lot 12 (behind Education Hall).

If you wish to contest a parking violation, you must do so in writing within 10 business days of the violation. Appeal forms are available from the Public Safety Center, 208 Wright St. Appeals are reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee. The committee normally meets once a month. Additional meetings might occur as needed.  The Parking Appeals Committee is made up of students and decisions are final.

 Parking policies, regulations and limitations may be added or changed as deemed necessary and notification made via the Public Safety Web site and/or other means. All questions about the parking regulations should be directed to the Public Safety Center.


Invalid reasons for appeal

If any of the reasons listed below are why you are appealing a ticket, the appeal will be denied.

  • Personal convenience is NOT a valid reason for violating the rules.
  • How long you were parked in violation: Officers will issue a citation to any vehicle parked in violation of regulations. An appeal that states that the vehicle was only parked for two minutes, five minutes, etc. is not considered valid. Parking restrictions are enforced regardless of the duration of violation.
  • Your need to get to class/work/an appointment on time: It typically requires some time to locate a parking spot within a campus lot or nearby street. It is suggested that drivers plan their schedules so that there is sufficient time to find and park in a legal spot.
  • Lack of a parking spot near your destination: Parking spots are limited and the campus parking system does not guarantee a space in a specific lot. Drivers must be in a legal spot in a lot valid for their issued permit or a nearby city street or lot.
  • A restricted/prohibited violation during evening or weekend hours: All parking restrictions and prohibitions are enforced 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days a year.
  • The need to load or unload: With the exception of several spots with time restrictions, all loading/unloading parking permission requires prior authorization from The Department of Public Safety.
  • The appellant's assertion that he or she did not see the sign or line markings: It is the driver's responsibility to know the parking regulations and to note and comply with all posted signage, notices, and line markings.
  • Ignorance of parking rules: Parking regulations are clearly published in the student handbook and online. It is the driver's responsibility to know the parking regulations and to note and comply with all posted signage, notices, and line markings.
  • An appeal from a guest/visitor stating that he/she was not aware of the parking regulations: It is well publicized that students, faculty, and staff are responsible for obtaining a valid parking permit for their guests. The campus associated individual can and should ensure that their guest does not experience a parking problem.
  • The assertion that the student forgot his/her permit: Drivers must display a permit in order to park legally. Make sure your permit is attached to the lower left side of the vehicles rear window by its own adhesive. If your permit is damaged or missing, notify the Department of Public Safety.
  • A vehicle malfunction: Drivers who experience a vehicle malfunction and cannot move their vehicle (for example: parked in a lot that prohibits overnight parking) should make arrangements with a service station to either repair or tow their vehicle. Short term authorization to remain parked may be granted from the Department of Public Safety.
  • Overnight Parking: Overnight permits are available for purchase at the Department of Public Safety and are only valid for lots 9, 10,and 12.
  • Medical Conditions: Only valid state-issued special permits or plates are recognized for handicap parking purposes. You may call the Department of Public Safety who can arrange a ride to your on-campus destination.
  • Different Vehicle: Notify the Department of Public Safety prior to parking a different vehicle on campus.
  • Personal Safety Concerns: Call the Department of Public Safety for an escort if you have safety concerns about walking to your destination.



If students have questions regarding parking violation appeals, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Resident students with a sophomore, junior or senior status, may bring vehicles to campus and park in campus lots after obtaining a parking permit. Applications for a parking permit will be available online. Completed applications should then be turned into the Public Safety Center, 208 Wright St.  


Permits are issued by using a lottery system at the start of the school year. The permit will be for a specific residence hall lot or overflow lots. After you are awarded a permit, you must pay the fee by the deadline or lose your permit. Awarded permits that are not picked up will be re-issued to other students. During the school year, come to the Public Safety Center to find out what parking is available.


If your license number or vehicle changes, you must notify the Public Safety Center. The university does not guarantee a parking space to the holder of a parking permit. The responsibility for finding a parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for the violation of these regulations.


Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to permit holders in each lot. If there are no available spaces in your assigned lot, regardless of cause, you must notify the Public Safety Center and you will be instructed where to park your vehicle. Safe-walks on campus are available 24/7 by contacting the Public Safety Center at 262-524-RIDE (7433).


If your permit becomes missing, please report it immediately to the Public Safety Center. You will be held responsible for all tickets you receive while the permit is not displayed.


Parking permits are valid for the academic year indicated on the permit. Permits are non-transferable and are only good for the original permit holder. If you leave during the school year or no longer need a permit, please return it to the Public Safety Center and complete a parking refund form. The permit fee will be prorated and returned to you in the form of a check from the Business Office.

University parking violations are payable at the Business Office, lower level of Voorhees Hall, during normal business hours. Payment also may be mailed to the university as noted on the violation.


Vehicles that receive an excessive number of parking violations will be classified as an "habitual" parking offender. Habitual offenders are subject to additional disciplinary actions. If a vehicle receives in excess of 10 Carroll University parking violations, the vehicle is subject to being ticketed by the city of Waukesha police. Vehicles are subject to be towed after 20 Carroll University citations. 


Students are responsible for the vehicles they use on university property and any violations issued on them. If any guest receives a violation while parked on university property, the charge will be assigned to the student of whom he/she is a guest if the ticket is not paid. This includes relatives and friends of the student visiting Carroll.