The Youth To Discover (Y2D) Mentoring Program is a partnership between Carroll University and Waukesha County, Department of Health and Human Services. This collaboration connects Carroll students with at-risk youths from the Waukesha community. Y2D is a culturally responsive, youth-focused and community-based program whose goal is to assist in meeting the needs of youth acclimating to the community in a positive and fun way. This program expose youth to positive ways to engage in one’s community and aims to promote higher education with participants.


Carroll University

Maria Ramirez                                                        

Director of Pre-College Programs                                

(262) 650-4826                                                                                                


Waukesha Department of Health & Human Services

Bonnie Knippel                                                          Cecile Harrison

Social Worker                                                                       Social Worker

(262) 548-7344                                                                    (262) 548-7365                               

  • Strengthen the partnership with stake holders to include community resources, schools, service providers and families
  • Challenge Carroll students to serve as mentors for at-risk youth in the community
  • Assist in meeting the needs of youth acclimation in the community in a POSITIVE and FUN way; while promoting community connections
  • Expose youth to Carroll University while promoting higher academic learning
  • Help Carroll students and youth develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Encourage and facilitate communication, social and relational skills
  • Create an experience for Carroll Students and youth that promotes life-long learning
  • Annual Kick-Off event
  • Halloween Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Year-End Events
  • Brewer’s Game
  • Admiral's Game
  • Laser Tag Outing
  • SkyZone Outing