For the 2018-2019 school year, these are the dates for the programs:


Horizontes en Carroll

July 8-13, 2018


Pioneer Bridge

August 26-31, 2018



Project Pioneer

Project Pioneer is a pre-college enrichment program offered on Saturdays throughout the academic year.


Horizontes en Carroll

Horizontes en Carroll is a residential week-long summer program that gives high schools students an opportunity to experience university life and gain academic, social and life skills that will help succeed in a college setting.


Horizontes en Carroll - St. Hope Leadership Academy Connection

Horizontes Carroll University partners with St. Hope Leadership Academy in Harlem, New York to bring 5-10 university-minded 9th graders to Waukesha to participate in the week-long Horizontes en Carroll Summer Program. 


Youth to Discover Mentoring Program

Y2D is a culturally responsive, youth-focused and community-based program whose goal is to assist in meeting the needs of youth acclimating to the community in a positive way.


Pioneer Bridge Program

Pioneer Bridge is a week long week-long orientation program designed to support first generation college students.