"Pioneer Bridge" is a week-long high school to college transition program for first generation college students funded by the PNC Foundation. Students are invited to residence halls early, or will be provided a stipend to begin commuting to campus early. Throughout the week, students will take part in a series of workshops, classes and social activities that will allow them to familiarize themselves with campus services and “college life” skills essential to success on a university campus.  Students will then transition into the Office of Cultural Diversity’s mentorship program in order to continue to receive support and maintain a community the rest of their academic career on Carroll's campus.

  • To instill a growth mindset in students
  • Expose students with campus resources for personal, academic and financial support
  • Create support network of peers, staff, and faculty
  • Provide students with feeling of confidence in ability to navigate expectations and requirements of a university course

 In order to attend Pioneer Bridge to Success, you must:

  • Be admitted to Carroll University
  • Be a first time incoming college freshman
  • Receive an invitation to apply
  • Be available during the entire duration of the program

"I honestly loved this program, mostly because I got to meet many amazing people whom I still talk to and am very close with after the program. Going out with these people around Waukesha made me connect with them and the town better. Also, I really enjoyed the Identity Exploration with Nicky and the budgeting and finances class."

"I enjoyed every single moment that I spent at Campus surrounded by amazing and friendly people. I got to meet every single one of them and I can call them my family. I know that they can all help me out and support me, and that they won't let me alone in any situation. Also I want to say that I feel more comfortable in my transition to college. I want to share an incredible moment that will always remain in my heart, in our freshman orientation we all missed each other while we were divided in our CCS sections, at the end of the meeting we all waited for each other and hugged when we were all together, everyone was so happy."

"I came in not really knowing what to expect, but now I'm very glad to have come. Before coming I was nervous I was going to crack under pressure, but now that I have gone through the program, I know I can do it. I would recommend this program for everyone who can come."