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As a disclaimer: we are not affiliated with any of these websites/programs and are not profiting off of these links, just providing them as helpful resources. None of the information below is a substitute for treatment from a mental health professional.


Helpful links for coping with the stress of COVID-19:


General information on anxiety and coping skills:


Psychoeducation on different mental health concerns:


Information on mindfulness and meditation


Guided meditations and mindfulness:


Information sheets and workbooks for depression, anxiety, stress, worry, and many other struggles:


Accessing online support groups:


Smartphone Apps:
(all listed below have free versions, although many give the option to upgrade for additional services)

  • MoodMission 
    • MoodMission is an app that is intended to help people learn ways of coping with low moods and anxious feelings. It does this by suggesting “Missions” or activities, in response to a user responding to prompts about their low or anxious moods. 
  • Sanvello 
    • Sanvello is an app for stress, anxiety, and depression based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and wellness. Comprised of quick activities alongside a supportive community, Sanvello is designed as a daily tool to help people address stress and anxiety at a gradual pace.
  • Calm
    • Calm’s free offerings include basic mindfulness practices. These free meditations, about 25 in total, come in different lengths, from a quick 3-minute meditation to a half-hour sit.
  • Headspace
    • Headspace uses winsome animations to teach you the basics of mindfulness and meditation. The free version will grant you “The basics” package: 10 days’ worth of guided meditations (you can tailor the length of each session) and a bunch of “minis”, including a calming one-minute breathing exercise.
  • Insight Timer 
    • Insight Timer is one of the most popular meditation timers. You set the amount of time you want to sit, then set optional starting bells and ending bells, as well as interval bells at the duration you choose. Insight Timer also has guided meditations to use, as well as a social aspect—you can see who else is meditating at the same time as you, and keep notes about your meditation if you want.
  • The Breathing App 
    • The Breathing App focuses just on breathing and the physiological benefits you get from slowing your breath down -- increased pulmonary function, decreased stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and improved emotional balance, just to name a few -- all of which are beneficial for overall health and sleep patterns.