At the Walter Young Center, we’re proud to provide inclusive mental health services and programs to the Carroll community, and to support Carroll University’s efforts towards equity, justice, and liberation. We recognize that every individual comes to counseling with a different history and a lifetime of unique experiences, and we seek to honor that by creating a treatment plan that is individualized for each student we work with. We are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive counseling services to the students at Carroll University, and to creating a safe space where all students feel welcome and accepted.

We do our best to acknowledge how forces such as privilege, microaggressions, and marginalization impact each individual’s life. Each person’s unique social identities including race and ethnicity, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, religion, documentation status, and social class all impact the lens through which each individual sees the world. While we can never perfectly understand another person’s experience, we can seek to recognize and validate that experience, and to provide empathy and compassion.

All are welcome here.




 please note that WYC Counseling Services does not endorse any mental health providers in this network and it is not liable for their services.