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Carroll University seeks to promote a safe environment where students may participate in activities and organizations without compromising their health, safety, or welfare. Hazing in any form is against the law and is strictly prohibited at Carroll University. When this policy is violated, action may be taken against all participants, including pledges. The most damaging instrument to campus organizations (social, honor, service, athletics, etc.) is the employment of a program of education, pledging, membership, training, or induction which includes hazing. Hazing risks human lives, mistreats those involved and jeopardizes the affiliation of the campus organizations at this University.


Carroll University Policy

Hazing is any action taken or situation created intentionally or unintentionally, which emphasizes a power imbalance and/or produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing activities include, but are not limited to: use of alcohol, paddling in any form, causing excessive fatigue, physical or psychological shocks, morally degrading or humiliating games and activities, or any other activity that intentionally or unintentionally endangers the physical or mental health of an individual, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.

Prevention of hazing is the responsibility of every member of the University community. Each organization, as well as each individual, must accept the personal obligation to uphold the basic community values.

Anyone experiencing, witnessing, or with knowledge of a violation of the hazing policy are encouraged to report the incident and may bring their concerns to either of the below individuals:
Elizabeth Brzeski
Senior Director of Student Affairs
114 S. East Ave
If you are interested in submitting a report please fill out the form below. Your report will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct. A representative from the Office of Student Conduct will contact you within three business days to follow up on your report.