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ITS recognizes that certain P2P applications may have specific intrinsic value to academia.  Access to and use of P2P technology as part of a course syllabus can be easily accommodated by our network management tools.  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that P2P technologies are used responsibly and with respect for other users.  Individuals storing, accessing or sharing files on Carroll owned and/or controlled systems are personally responsible for their actions and are subject to all applicable laws.

Copyright as it relates to P2P Technology

  • It is illegal, and therefore prohibited on any Carroll system or network, to store, access or share any material which is copyrighted or owned by a third party for which you have not obtained current legal permission from the copyright owner to use in the manner and for the purpose in which you are using the material. Doing so violates the United States Copyright Act.
  • When obtaining permission to store, access or share copyrighted material you should ensure that you receive the permission in writing, that it clearly states what material is covered, the purpose and method that you intend to use the material, any limitations to your permission, including but not limited to valid dates and proof that the provider is the legal owner of the material along with any other relevant or legally required documentation. You may be asked to provide this at any time to University officials, law enforcement or others with a legal right to this information.
  • You should review and be familiar with the copyright policy as stated in the University Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).