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Appeal Process

A student has the right to appeal a finding of responsibility if the student can demonstrate:

  1. Procedural error that prevented a fair decision;
  2. Material misstatement or misapplication of the University rules, regulations or polices alleged to have been violated;
  1. Decision not supported by substantial evidence; or
  2. Material evidence or facts newly discovered which could not with reasonable diligence have been discovered and introduced at the hearing.

The severity of a sanction is not a legitimate ground for an appeal; however, a student may ask that the Vice President of Student Affairs and/or the Office of Student Conduct review the sanction as part of the appeal process.

To appeal decisions made by the Student Conduct Board, Administrative Hearing Officer, or the Carroll Conduct Board appeals must be received within five business days of the date of the decision letter.

If the Vice President of Student Affairs or Office of Student Conduct determines that an appeal has merit based on the previously-mentioned criteria, he/she may (a) alter the recommended sanction(s) by making the sanction(s) more severe, less severe, or otherwise different; (b) refer the case to be reheard in its entirety; or (c) remand the case for further review.

If the Vice President of Student Affairs or Office of Student Conduct decides that the appeal does not have merit, the sanction(s) are immediately imposed and the decision is final.

In cases involving alleged sexual misconduct, both the complainant(s) and the accused(s) have the right to appeal the conduct decision under this section.

Appeal Form

To make an appeal click here.