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As a learning community, Carroll University strives to provide an educational environment that actively promotes the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of all its members.  Such an environment affirms both the rights of the individuals and the needs of the larger community to which they belong.  Therefore, Carroll University policies regarding the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages by students and student groups are derived from the following general premises:
  • The university expects the individuals to take responsibility for their actions and the environment of which they are a part.
  • The university will provide an environment that supports those that choose not to drink as well as those of legal age who choose to drink sensibly and responsibly.  The university does not consider drinking in excess to be responsible.
  • The university will discourage the misuse of alcohol by any member of its community through educational awareness programs and appropriate regulations.
  • The university will offer assistance to any member having problems related to alcohol through counseling services or other community resources.
  • The university encourages students to seek help who are concerned about their own or another individual's drinking.
  • The university will comply with federal, state and/or local laws, and expect all members of its community to do likewise.

General Alcohol Policies

  1. Alcoholic beverages may be possessed, purchased and/or consumed only by persons of legal drinking age, and only in areas designated by the university.
  2. No individual may procure, sell, dispense or give alcoholic beverages for or to an underage individual.  This includes hosting a gathering where underage individuals are in possession of alcoholic beverages.  
  3. Intoxication and/or alcohol abuse shall not be tolerated and will not be accepted as an excuse for unlawful behavior or misconduct.
  4. Alcoholic beverages will be permitted at approved campus events in accordance with the guidelines established by the university.
  5. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited at university athletic events, in university-owned or leased vehicles, and in classrooms, wnless permitted by guidelines established by the university.
  6. Alcoholic beverages are never to be used as a reward for achievement or given as a prize or an award.
  7. Cimmon alcohol sources, such as kegs, are prohibited.
  8. Regardless of age, alcohol related paraphernalia is prohibited.
  9. Any intoxicated person will be considered to be in possession of an alcoholic beverage by consumption.