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Cory J. Byrnes – US Amy

Austin D. Duerr – USMC

Colleen N. Evans – US Navy

Cassandra A. Fawley – USMC

Nathaniel L. Giannini – US Army

Michael D. Griep – US Army

Heather L. Lafrombois – US Army

Adam A. Nicholas – US Army         

Jarrod W. Olson – USMC

Nathaniel J. Parks – US Army

Silvia L. Ramirez – Army National Guard

Justin M. Ravely – US Navy

Angelina N. Sanfilippo – Army National Guard, USMC

Nicole M. Simcakoski – US Coast Guard

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All graduating Military/Veteran students are eligible to receive a Red, White, and Blue Commencement cord!
These are distributed at the Pioneer Honors and Awards Ceremony annually.  If you do not receive military benefits, we may not have y...
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