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Military Immersion and the CCE Requirement

A significant experience in another culture may count as the immersion portion of Carroll's Cross-Cultural Experience (CCE).  For veterans, military service abroad may qualify as the immersive portion of the CCE requirement. 

The policy for prior immersion is as follows:

  • Cross-cultural immersion occurred after graduation from high school
  • Immersion was one month or longer and occurred prior to first enrollment at Carroll University
  • Immersion experience had an educational focus (such as cultural sensitivity training, regional studies, etc.), as determined by the Director of General Education in consultation with the GCCE Committee
  • Experience was within five years of entering Carroll University

Carroll veterans may petition for prior immersion by submitting the form in the link with a copy of their DD214 (or DD215) to the Office of General Education, 120 Wright Street or electronically at  Upon approval, veterans will enroll in a two credit course, CCS 301, to complete the curricular component of the requirement.

Veterans who have not served abroad will still need to complete their CCE.  This may entail significant course fees that the GI Bill does not cover. 

ALL veterans attending Carroll are strongly encouraged to complete a FAFSA form with the Office of Financial Aid, as they may qualify for additional federal funding and internal scholarships.  One of these internal scholarships - the CCE award - can cover a substantial percentage of the travel fees related to the CCE courses.  If you are a veteran that still needs to complete a CCE course, you MUST have a FAFSA score in order to be eligible for this award. For more assistance with filing for Financial Aid please call 262-524-7296.

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