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Why PioPrint?

PioPrint is Carroll's effort to promote responsible printing and to conserve resources by controlling printing abuse, waste, and rising costs.

Who can use PioPrint?

Students enrolled in the current semester will be able to print using PioPrint.

How do faculty, instructors and staff print in the labs/classrooms?

Faculty and Instructors printing to printers located in computer classrooms will be able to do so from instructor workstations only.  Printing is limited to classroom instruction needs during scheduled class time only.  Print jobs will be sent directly to the classroom printer at no charge.

Staff, faculty, and instructors can print from computers in computer labs using the MFD Secure Print option to charge back to their department/area cost center.  Print jobs can be released from any department MFD on-campus.   Additional information regarding how to use MFD Secure Print can be found at PioPrint Documents.

Does PioPrint offer any new features?

Secure Print - print jobs are sent to a secure queue for release.  Users can only see the jobs they have submitted.

Print Anywhere - print jobs can be released in any campus computer lab or computer classrooms with a release station/printer.

Is there a way I can print from my computer to PioPrint?

All students are able to print to PioPrint directly from any campus computer under the list of printers. To print from a personal device, simply attach the file you want printed as an email attachment and send it to the following: 

Where are PioPrint release stations located?

Swiping a PiONEerCard allows PioPrint to display an individual’s PioPrint Allocation and CarrollCA$H balances as well as their print jobs.

Why is a PiONEerCard required to print?

Swiping a PiONEerCard allows PioPrint to display an individual’s PioPrint Allocation and CarrollCA$H balances as well as their print jobs.

How do I pay for printing and what is my PioPrint allocation?

Each academic year, all currently enrolled students will receive a print allocation called PioPrint Allocation.  Unused allocations cannot be transferred to other cardholders and do not rollover from one academic year to another.  All printing costs will be deducted from the PioPrint Allocation first. If the allocation is depleted, printing costs will be deducted from CarrollCA$H automatically.

Undergraduate Allocation - $30.00 (equivalent to 600 black and white, single-sided pages at .05 per page)

Graduate Allocation - $60.00 (equivalent to 1200 black and white, single-sided pages at .05 per page)

What is CarrollCA$H?

Carroll CA$H is a debit account that can be used to pay for goods and services at multiple locations on and off campus including laundry, copy, and vending machines as well as at the bookstore and dining locations.  For a list of complete locations visit

Additional CarrollCA$H can be added to your PiONEer Card at the following locations:

  1. (Credit Card only)
  2. Library Value Transfer Station (Cash only)

What is the cost of printing?

Printing charges are:

  • Black and White Single-sided  $.05
  • Black and White Duplex   $.07
  • Color (per side)    $.25

Can I print color documents to a black and white printer?

Yes.  Color jobs sent to a black and white printer will only be charged at the black and white cost.

How long do print jobs remain in the queue?

Print jobs will remain in the queue for eight (8) hours before being purged automatically.

How do I save paper and money?

Users can save paper and money in several ways:

  • Select duplex (double-sided) printing.
  • Edit documents online before printing final copy.
  • Use 'Print Preview' before printing to identify corrections before printing.
  • Save documents to your personal Q: drive or a USB drive.

How can I get a refund?

You can request a refund if your PioPrint output is significantly smudged, faded, streaked, spotty or creased.  To request a refund, submit an online refund request and bring the bad prints with your name and Carroll ID on the front page to ITS Help Desk.  Refunds will not be processed if the bad printouts are not submitted. Refunds will be reviewed and processed within 7-10 business days.  If your refund is approved, a credit will be made to your PioPrint or CarrollCA$H account. If your refund is denied, a representative from IT Services will contact you and explain why.

User errors, such as typos or printing the wrong document, will not be refunded. To prevent printing a blank sheet as the final page, be sure to preview your document before printing and delete the blank page or ask for a page range that excludes the blank final page.

Where can I get help with or more information on PioPrint?

For assistance with or questions about PioPrint consult a lab assistant, send an email to or call 262.524.7229.