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Computer Security - It Doesn't Affect Me, Does It?

Can you afford to lose your computer or the data you keep?  Would such a loss be a severe handicap to your educational pursuits?  Computers, like people, are vulnerable to infections and, like people, the more strangers you are exposed to, the more likely you are to catch a bug or virus.  Operating on the Carroll network exposes your computer to approximately 5,000+ digital devices each day and that is just on campus.  Your computer is one of your most important tools in your quest for education. 
So, how do you protect your computer?  Keep it vaccinated. Current Windows machines come pre-loaded with Windows Defender as an antivirus. Keeping it, or if you have another antivirus solution, updated is important. If you purchased a laptop and it came with another anti-virus pre-installed please note these are temporary and will eventually turn off all protections your computer has. Demo packages that have not been paid for do not provide adequate protection! If your antivirus is displaying a pop up recommending payment and you do not wish to continue the subscription, please uninstall the software so Windows Defender may be turned back on.  

See the links below to download software and for additional information.


Windows Updates: Protecting Windows can prevent your computer from being as easily affected by viruses and worms. When your Windows operating system says that there are updates pending it is important to let those run. 

To schedule or pause updates, follow these instructions


Adware/Spyware Detection & Removal: If a computer already has malicious content on it, there is software available online that can clean it up and remove it from your computer. Below you will find an example of one of these softwares and one we use here at Carroll ITS:

Click here for general information about viruses