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Cable TV changes

Due to a change in Carroll's Cable TV system during the summer of 2016, there are a couple of things you will need to be aware of.  

1. Your TV must support Clear QAM.  This can be found in your owners manual or guide and might also be referred to as a "QAM Tuner."
2. You will likely need to force your TV to re-scan for the new channel lineup.  This varies by TV make and manufacturer, and directions can be found on line or in your owners guide.  The TV mode should remain set to "Cable TV", not Antenna.
3. A complete guide for the new TV channel line up can be found on the ITS Web Site under "Residence Halls"

If your TV does not support QAM/Clear QAM Tunning, you will need to purchase a QAM Tuner.  ITS has tested and verified that the iView 3200STB (Available from Amazon) is compatible with our new TV system for watching live TV.  The scheduled recording function that is advertised with the box WILL NOT WORK nor will the onscreen guide, and this is expected behavior.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk.

Connecting devices to wi-fi

All dorm rooms on campus have access to Carroll's wi-fi network. For smartphones, laptops, and tablets simply connect to Carroll, enter your Carroll username & password and you should be all set. 


For other devices such as game consoles, Chromecasts, and Smart TVs that cannot properly redirect to our login, you will need to look within the network settings for your MAC address and send that as well as type of device you are trying to connect to and we can set it up on our end to connect correctly. After you receive confirmation, you will have your device connect to the Carroll Guest network.