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All users on campus have access to network storage for saving files for easy access across campus and from off campus.  When you logon to Windows computers in labs or offices, your network storage is automatically mapped to what is called the  "Q-drive."  The Q-drive can be found in My Computer like the hard drive or DVD/CD drive.  You may also access your Q-drive from an Apple computer attached to the network.  The quota for network storage space is set at 1GB, which is enough to store most schoolwork.  ITS recommends that users avoid storing large multimedia files in their accounts because these files are VERY large and users will quickly exceed their quotas.  In the event that the quota is reached you will no longer be able to store any more data to the server.
In general, all important data should be stored in at least two separate locations, such as on your personal computer AND your Q-drive.  The 1GB quota is generally more than enough for most people, but contact the ITS Help Desk if you need more for academic purposes (multimedia classes, etc.). 

The X: drive is a drive dedicated to storing Signature Assignments for the following Pioneer Core courses:

• 1 - CCS100
• 2 - ENG170
• 3 - CCD
• 4 - CCE
• 5 - GPC
• 6 - Distribution Courses

Students will receive instructions from faculty in these courses for the use of these folders.
Students are welcome to download instructions from Q-Drive Instructions for use for their courses.