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The following rules apply to ALL Carroll computing facilities. There may be additional or slightly different rules in some locations, but these should be considered overall guidelines.

    1. Use of Carroll University computers is subject to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy. Violators will be asked to stop or leave.


    1. Carroll University Computer Labs and resources are a private facility for use by current students, faculty, staff, emeriti, and authorized guests of Carroll University. All others will be asked to leave.


    1. No food, drink, or tobacco products are allowed in Carroll University computer labs. You will be asked to take them outside the lab area. The only exception is that instructors and other presenters will be allowed to have liquid in a spill-proof container for drinking.


    1. DO NOT install software or hardware onto any of the computers. Altering of the existing hardware or software configuration is also prohibited.


    1. Multi-user network games and playing games in the computer classrooms is strictly prohibited. Violators will be asked to leave immediately. Single-user (non-networked) gaming is allowed when extra computers are available for use in the walk-in lab area. You may be asked to make space for those using the computers for academic work when lab is full.


    1. Do not print multiple copies or excessive amounts. Printers are for printing academic work only.


    1. Be courteous to other lab patrons. Keep discussions, computer sounds and personal music devices, etc., at a quiet level. If you need to work with a group, ask the lab assistant if one of the classrooms is available.


    1. You may not use Campus technology to obtain, duplicate, or distribute copyrighted works, including audio, video and computer files.


  1. Carroll University is not responsible for replacing storage media or data lost due to hardware failure or any other reason.