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The ITS Media Center is located on the lower level of New Hall. The Media Center is the point of contact for ITS checkout equipment.

Contact Information

In Person: Shirley Hilger Hall 020
By Phone: 262-951-3268 or x3268 from on-campus

Media Center Hours

Thanksgiving Break Media Center Hours
Wednesday, November 22nd - 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Thursday, November 23rd - CLOSED
Friday, November 24th - CLOSED
Saturday, November 25th - CLOSED
Sunday, November 26th - CLOSED
Media Center will resume normal hours of operation on Monday, November 27th. 
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM 

The ITS Media Center has the equipment listed below available for checkout. All checkout equipment is available by reservation and on a first come first serve basis. This equipment is available for up to 7 day checkouts.  Once reserved, you can pick up the equipment from the ITS Media Center. To reserve equipment, please contact the Media Center at or 262-951-3268 (x3268 on campus). For more detailed information regarding the checkout equipment please refer to the Checkout Equipment Catalog listed on the right hand side of the page.


(6) Windows Laptop Bundles

(3) Stick Microphones (Audio-Technica ATHM27HE)

(1) Apple 30-pin to SD Card Reader

(1) Mac Laptop Bundle

(12) Microphone Clips (Shure)

(1) Mobile Teleprompter

(5) Projector Bundles

(3) Wireless Microphone Clips (Shure)

(1) Manfrotto 190XDB-128RC Tripod Bundle (recommended for Canon VIXIA HF G20 camera)

(2) Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapters

(3) Wireless Microphone Clips (Audio-Technica)

(3) Manfrotto 755XBK-701HDV Tripod Bundles (recommended for Panasonic AG-AC160 cameras)

(1) DVI Male-VGA Female Adapter

(6) Microphone Clips

(1) Dolly Bundle (Triad TD-62)

(1) Mini DisplayPort Male-HDMI Female Adapter

(1) Microphone Case (Gator)

(1) Curved Dolly Track Bundle (Triad CTK-90)

(3) Mini DisplayPort Male-VGA Female Adapters

(2) Tripod Microphone Stands with Boom (Ultimate Support JS-MCFB 100)

(1) Dolly Track Bundle (Triad STK-300)

(5) Presentation Remote Bundles

(1) K&M Tripod Microphone Stand with Telescoping Boom

(2) Additional Dolly Track Bundles (Triad STK-300)

(1) Document Camera Bundles

(13) Tripod Microphone Stand Bases

(2) Dolly Track Dividers

(3) iPad Bundles

(3) Round Microphone Stand Bases

(14) Your Own Device Tripod Bundles

(15) iPad mini Bundles

(1) Tabletop Microphone Stand

(6) RCA Single Male-Male Cables

(6) Webcams

(2) Short Tabletop Microphone Stands

(4) RCA Double Male-Male Cables

(1) CD/DVD Optical Drive

(9) Boom Arms

(3) RCA Triple Male-Male Cables

(5) Headset to USB Adapters

(1) Boom Pole (On-Stage Stands MBP7000)

(3) 1/8” Male-RCA Male Cables

(2) Digital Voice Recorder Bundles

(1) Professional Studio Headphones (Shure SRH440)

(1) Male HDMI-Male HDMI Cable

(3) Apple USB to Ethernet Adapters

(1) Audio Mixing Board (Mackie Onyx 1620i)

(1) VHS Player

(3) USB to Ethernet Adapters

(3) Direct Boxes (Pro Co Sound AV-1A)

(3) DVD Players

(3) Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapters

(1) JVC RC-BZ6 Boombox

(1) Blu-ray Player

(1) Apple USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter

(10) iPod Touch Video Bundles

(3) 60” Projection Screens

(2) Apple Lightning to VGA Adapters

(1) Cinema Rig Bundle

(1) 96” Projection Screen

(1) Coboc DisplayPort to HDMI Video Adapter

(7) 10’ XLR Male-XLR Female Cables

(3) 100' AC Power Extension Cords

(1) Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 Adapter

(6) 15’ XLR Male-XLR Female Cables

(1) 15' AC Power Extension Cord

(1) 1m Lightning to USB Cable

(12) 25’ XLR Male-XLR Female Cables

(7) 10’ AC Power Supply Cords

(1) 6’ VGA Cable w/ Stereo Audio

(2) 50’ XLR Male-XLR Female Cables

(6) 25’ AC Power Supply Cords

(2) 25’ VGA Cables w/ Stereo Audio

(1) 10' 1/4" TS Male Instrument Cable

(3) AC Power Supply Line Cords

(2) 15' FireWire 800-FireWire 400 Cables

(3) 15' 1/4" TS Male Instrument Cables

(4) 15' Surge Suppressors

(2) USB Desktop Microphones

(3) Panasonic AG-AC160 Camera Bundles

(4) 25' Surge Suppressors

(1) Blue Yeti Microphone Bundle

(2) Light Reflector Bundles (Westcott 1036)

Network Hub/Switch Bundles (for student dorm use)

(2) Blue Yeti Pro Microphone Bundles

(2) 2-Count Litepanels 1X1 5600K Flood Bundles

(1) Nintendo Wii Bundle

(4) Logitech X-230 Speaker + Subwoofer Bundles

(1) 2-Count Litepanels 1X1 5600K Spot Bundle

(1) Nintendo Wii Wheel Controller

(1) Portable PA Bundle (Anchor AN-Mini)

(1) 2-Count Litepanels 3200K-5600K Bi-Color Flood Bundles

(2) Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Controllers

(3) Wireless Lavalier Microphone Bundles (Audio-Technica ATW-3131)

(3) Litepanels 1X1 Tungsten Conversion and Diffusion Gel Set Bundles

(2) Nintendo Wii Sports Game Bundles

(2) Shotgun Microphone Bundles (Audio-Technica AT897)

(5) C-Stands

(1) Guitar Hero Smash Hits for Wii Game

(2) Stick Microphones (Shure VP64AL)

(5) Sand Bags (15 lb.)

(2) Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii Game

(3) Stick Microphones (Shure Beta 58A)

(1) Canon VIXIA HF G20 Camera Bundle

(6) Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero Controllers

(5) Stick Microphones (Shure PG58)

(7) 32GB SDHC Cards



iPod Touch Video Bundle - 10 Available

•iPod Touch (in tripod mount case)
•Lens - Fisheye
•Lens - Wide Angle / Macro
•Power Adapter
•Lightning Cable

Cinema Rig Bundle - 1 Available

•Cinema Rig
•Shure Shotgun Microphone
•Lite Panel w/ 2 Gels and Battery Adapter
•Sun Shade
•Battery Charger
•i-Device Microphone (TRRS) adapter cable



Canon G20 HD Camera Bundle - 1 Available

•Canon G20 HD Camera
•Power Adapter
•USB and HDMI Cables
•Carrying Case

*Manfrotto Tripod Available for Checkout

Your Own Device Tripod Bundle - 14 Available

•Universal Phone Mount

ProPrompter HDi PRO2 Mobile Teleprompter - 1 Available

•Mirror Box
•Camera Bar
•Anti-Reflection Mask
•Lens Sock
•Remote Cable
•Pistol Grip
•Instruction Manual
•Thumb Screw and Thumb Nut
•iPad with ProPrompter App
•USB Power Adapter
•30-pin to USB Cable
•Carrying Case
Checkout Equipment Catalog
Checkout Equipment Catalog (.pdf, 102K)

The Media Center Checkout Equipment Catalog lists the components of each equipment bundle as well as the equipment value.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Located on the lower level of New Hall, Studio C offers students, faculty and staff a place to create media through the means of audio and video production. To reserve and/or checkout Studio C please contact the Media Center.

Features of Studio C

The following pieces of equipment are features of Studio C and are bundled with every Studio C reservation and checkout:

Manfrotto 114 Deluxe Video Dollies (3)
Litepanels 1X1 5600K Flood Lights (3)
Litepanels 1X1 5600K Spot Lights (1)
Litepanels 1X1 3200K-5600K Bi-Color Flood Lights (3)
Curtain Track System with Green and Black Curtains (1)
Samsung UN32EH5000 32” LED HDTV w/ Peerless FPZ-640 Portable Flat Panel Stand (1)
Sound Gobos (6)
Talent Stools (4)

Please note that these items are features of Studio C and are not available for checkout outside of Studio C.