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Below you will find regular updates of the Maintenance projects occurring in many buildings throughout Campus. If you have questions feel free to contact Rick Diderrich.

Campus Center:

  • Air Handling Units
    • Scope: The Air Handling Units (AHU) that serve the MDR and the Ballroom will be turned off and disconnected from power on 6-10-19 for full replacement over the summer. Temporary cooling stations will be installed in the MDR and the Ballroom to help take the edge off of the summer heat.
      • Update: 9-24-19 Complete.
        • 8-22-19 The Ballroom unit is up and running. There is still some work that needs to be completed on the heating coil but this will happen in the mechanical room.
        • 7-25-19 The Ballroom and MDR AHU’s are in place, the installation of controls along with the pipes for heating and cooling is under way.
        • 7-12-19 The DX cooling units have been set in place, the AHU’s will be delivered next week and installed in the mechanical rooms.
        • 6-17-19 The Ballroom AHU has been removed from the mechanical room and temporary cooling is in place. The AHU serving the MDR is off and demo will start tomorrow, temp cooling is in place.

North and South Bergstrom:

  • Heating Pumps
    • Scope: The heat pumps that provide hot water to the heating system in North and South Berg will be replaced this summer into early fall. This project will be completed before the heating season.
      • Update: 9-24-19 Complete.
        • 8-22-19 The piping is almost complete. We will be adding water and bleeding air from the system in the next couple of weeks.
        • 7-12-19 Piping will continue through the summer.
        • 6-17-19 The old pumps have been removed.


  • Steam Controls
    • Scope: The steam header serving all of Voorhees will be upgraded to digital controls starting 7-15-19, the work will last approximately one week.
      • Update: 9-24-19 The valves are all installed, we will commission controls when the weather is cold enough to turn the boilers on.
        • 8-22-19 The valves are all installed, we will commission controls when the weather is cold enough to turn the boilers on.
        • 7-25-19 two of the three valves are installed, the last valve will be installed in the mechanical room, the installation will not have an impact on Voorhees personnel.

Hilger Hall:

  • Exhaust Fans
    • Scope: Replace three exhaust fans that serve Hilger Hall.
      • Update: 8-22-19 This work is complete.
        • 7-12-19 The Exhaust fans are up and running, they will be balanced next week.
        • 7-2-19 Exhaust fan upgrade complete.
        • 6-17-19 The exhaust fan upgrade is almost complete, we are waiting to receive one motor.