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Dinner in the Dark

March 26th at 5:00pm 

in the Oak Room


Sign up at the Info Desk (Campus Center)


Upcoming events from Hispanic Professionals for Greater Milwaukee (HPGM)

Don't have time to drop by? Call or email us

Nicole Luckett
Director of Cultural Diversity
Office: Office of Cultural Diversity, Campus Center B20
Maria Ramirez
Director of Pre-College Programs
Office: Kilgour - Student Affairs

Jeannie Burns Jaworski
Assistant Director of International Education
Office: A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall 101
The Office of Cultural Diversity takes a great education and makes it exceptional!  Through intercultural programming, diversity initiatives, and partnering with off-campus agencies to provide pre-college and mentoring opportunities, the Office of Cultural Diversity is committed to enhancing the cultural competence, expanding the cultural literacy and enriching the intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and moral development of each and every member of the Carroll community and beyond.

Transformative in nature, the Office of Cultural Diversity exists to challenge and replace preconceived notions with well-informed facts in regards to issues of identity, culture, power and influence.  Understanding that diversity encompasses much more than race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, the Office of Cultural Diversity will help prepare all members of the Carroll community to thrive in today's reality, a world in which the ability to successfully navigate difference is a requirement and not an elective. 


The Diversity Lounge is a hangout for individuals and groups interested in sharing their own culture and/or learning about other cultures.  From deep discussions of identity, power and politics to conversations about movies, music, dance and everyday life; it’s the place to gain insight, share some laughs and cross boundaries.  Users of the space include the German Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Latin American Student Organization, and Queers & Allies/Questions & Answers.  In addition to a big screen television and comfortable seating there is a library with DVDs, magazines, periodicals and books available for leisure reading and/or checkout.  We also have a DVD/Blue-ray player, which will be stored away unless requested for use.

  • open to all Carroll University students, faculty, and staff
  • a nice place to study or simply hang out
  • located near P.I.T. - great place to bring your meal, watch TV and dialogue 

Study table  


Cable television

Computer (check times available)  

Reserve the space for a meeting  

Magazines, Books, DVD’s and board games  
DVD/Blue-ray player

To reserve the space for a meeting or event  

Hours available are 5pm-11pm Mon through Friday.  Weekend hours vary.  Use the room reservations system ASTRA to reserve the space.

Location: Campus Center, Room B20

Office hours: 8 am–4: 30 pm Monday through Friday

Housekeeping & Courtesy Reminders
Clean up any messes you make    

Place trash and recyclables in the proper bins

Return furniture and items to their original spots

Multicultural Student Organizations



 Women's Equality & Empowerment (WEE)
 Mondays  9:30pm  Diversity Lounge (CC, B20)
 Latin American Student Organization (LASO)  Tuesdays  9:30pm  Diversity Lounge (CC, B20)
 Queers & Allies, Questions & Answers (Q&A)  Wednesdays  10pm  Diversity Lounge (CC, B20)
 Students of Cultural Knowledge (SOCK)  Thursdays  8pm  Diversity Lounge (CC, B20)
 Carroll Student Veteran's Organization (CSVO)  Thursdays  4pm  Bergs 101



*TBD - to be determined

The Civil Rights Pilgrimage is a historical and cultural immersion that exposes participants to landmarks of the civil rights movement and Jim Crow era in several cities: Atlanta, GA; Montgomery, Birmingham and Selma, AL; and Memphis, TN.  Participants travel to these cities and visit landmarks, attend lectures, conduct service projects, interact with students from predominantly black colleges, and engage in reflection activities to process the journey.
Please contact Nicole Luckett if interested.