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Service and Emotional Support Animals

Call the Walter Young Center at 262-524-7335 to make an appointment with Martha (Marty) Bledsoe regarding a service or emotional support animal. You will need in hand your doctor's documentation (below) which states you are in ongoing therapy and the animal is part of a long-term treatment plan. Also, you will need the City of Waukesha animal license (for cat or dog only), a health certificate and proof of required vaccinations for your animal, and animal emergency contact information. Please bring these items to your appointment.

Before your appointment, review the first three forms below. Do not initial or sign the forms--that must take place at your appointment. If you intend on bringing your animal back to campus next year all required paperwork must be resubmitted each year. To do so, contact the Walter Young Center to make an appointment with Martha (Marty) Bledsoe to renew your request before bringing your animal back to campus.

Service or Emotional Support Animal Registration Form (.pdf, 68K)
Animal Request - Doctor's documentation form (.pdf, 125K)
Policy for Service or ESA on CampusAPR2019.pdf (.pdf, 189K)
Housing Accommodations for First Time Applicants

All decisions are made on a case by case basis and are based on the severity of the disability and the documentation that accompanies the request. Confirmation of your housing accommodation will be made via email upon receipt and review of your documentation.

Students requesting special consideration for housing based on a documented disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act must provide the Housing Accommodation Request form and the Disability Documentation form to Martha (Marty) Bledsoe, Director of The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, located at the Walter Young Center.

Housing accommodation requests received after June 1 will be reviewed, but cannot be guaranteed. Even if the accommodation is approved through this office, Housing may not necessarily be able to immediately fulfill your specific request. If that is the case you will be put on a waiting list.

Housing Accommodation Request form (.pdf, 33K)

Student and/or parent completes and submits to the Walter Young Center. Documentation from a doctor regarding the disability must also be submitted (see below).   

Housing Documentation Form (.docx, 48K)

The student's diagnostician (doctor, psychologist or other professional) completes and submits to Walter Young Center. Addresses/methods to submit are at the bottom of the form.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.