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Carroll University Office of Services for Students with Disabilities makes arrangements for students with temporary disabilities on a provisional basis each semester. Conditions that might be considered a temporary disability may include but are not limited to: surgery, concussion, and post-surgical disabilities. Examples of accommodations might include moving classrooms, notifications to professors, note takers, and/or electronic textbooks depending upon the condition.

To make an appointment with Marty Bledsoe, Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, please call 262-524-7335, email (, or stop into the Walter Young Center 8 am to 4:30 pm Mon.-Fri.

Additional Resources
•Office of Student Affairs – Student Affairs can send an official notice to your professors should you need to miss class due to your temporary condition
•Office of Student Success – Student Success can assist you in outlining the challenges academically you might have in your classes and make suggestions going forward
•Office of the Registrar – The Registrar’s Office can help you in possibly switching a class location should you have difficulty in getting to class
•Public Safety Shuttle – the shuttle can assist with transportation needs
•Office of Services for Students with Disabilities – Disability Services can provide an NCR notebook for you to give a friend to take notes and provide a copy of those notes