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The mission of the office of services for students with disabilities at Carroll University is to assist in creating a campus community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the educational environment. Disability Services provides assistance to students who have supplied appropriate documentation evidencing disabilities that range from mild to severe in nature.
Disabilities include, but are not limited to:
·           Learning disabilities ·           Blindness
·           Attention deficit disorder ·           Deaf or hard of hearing
·           Traumatic brain injury ·           Emotional and mental challenges

Carroll University is committed to making otherwise qualified students with disabilities full participants in its programs, courses, services and activities. We are guided by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments (ADAA) of 2008. Individuals will receive reasonable accommodations according to their needs and the documentation of their disability.
If you have questions about disabilities or disability services, contact us at, or call 262-524-7335.  Office hours are 8 am - 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday.
Test Scheduling Form
Test scheduling form (PDF) (.pdf, 1093K)
Test scheduling form (WORD document) (.doc, 282K)


The PDF form will work on a Mac or PC. Use the Word form if you have Microsoft Word on your computer. If it doesn't format correctly, please use the PDF.

Step 1:  Make sure you and your professor agree on the date/time you will take the test here.

Step 2:  Use the test form (above) and fill out the top portion.

Step 3:  Email the form to and to your professor.

We recommend scheduling a week in advance, but no later than the deadlines on the form (you were given this information in your accommodation orientation.)

Semester Release Form Needed Each Semester


Semester Release of Information (.docx, 40K)
  • After accommodations are granted, e-mail this form to each semester.
  • It is best to submit this at least a week before classes start.
  • This form allows us to inform your instructors of your accommodations.
  • If you have a note taking accommodation, this form is also used to request note takers.


More Information
Information on various subjects related to disabilities and disability services that may be of interest.
Notetaking for Temporary Disabilities (.doc, 23K)
Tips for Students with ADHD (.doc, 23K)
Universal Design (.doc, 31K)
How students with a Learning Disability can Self-Advocate in College (.docx, 15K)
Brain Injury Resource Center (.pdf, 126K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Disability records are kept separate from academic, disciplinary and medical records to ensure each student's privacy and confidentiality. No information is released without the knowledge and written consent of the student, except for those rare instances where disability services is required by law to reveal particular information.

For more Disability Services policy information, please click on the following document:
Disability Services Policies and Procedures (.docx, 24K)
Release of Records Form (.doc, 227K)
A student may request information from their disability record be sent to or discussed with other parties by providing this form to the Walter Young Center. We also ask that this form be submitted when a student wants copies of file records for him/herself. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Requesting Disability Accommodations and Submitting Appeals
Where to go for testing for Learning Disabilities or ADD (.docx, 17K)
Requesting Disability Accommodations and Submitting Appeals (.docx, 236K)
Appeal for denial of accommodation Form (.docx, 235K)
Disability Documentation Requirements (.docx, 249K)
Disability Documentation Form - Physical Health (.docx, 259K)
Disability Documentation Form - Psychological (.docx, 263K)
It's different in college--learning self-advocacy
The landscape for students with disabilities in college is different than in high school.  Students must learn their responsibilities and know how to self-advocate in college.
Self-Advocacy Resources (.docx, 20K)
Service and Assistance Animals
Service Animals and Assistance Animals on Campus Policy (.docx, 23K)
Service or Assistance Animal Registration Form (.docx, 234K)
User/Owner Agreement for Service/Assistance Animals (.docx, 234K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
For First Time Applicants
  • Students requesting special consideration for housing based on a documented disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act must provide the Housing Accommodation Request form and documentation form to Martha (Marty) Bledsoe, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities, located at the Walter Young Center. 
  • All decisions are made on a case by case basis and are based on the severity of the disability and the documentation that accompanies the request.  Confirmation of your housing accommodation will be made via e-mail upon receipt and review of your documentation.
  • Housing accommodation requests received after June 1 will be reviewed, but cannot be guaranteed.
Housing Accommodation Request form (.doc, 297K)


Documentation for Physical, Sensory or Health (.docx, 258K)


Documentation for ADHD/Psychological (.docx, 260K)


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Martha Bledsoe, M.Ed

Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
Walter Young Center
Ph. 262.524.7335   Fax: 262-524-6892  

Ann Warzyn 

Administrative Assistant
Walter Young Center
Ph. 262.524.7621  Fax: 262-524-6892
The Walter Young Center is located at 117 Wright St. Waukesha WI 53186, in a lannon stone house just east of the Campus Center parking lot.  We are open 8 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.