The Office Trivia Answers

  1. What friend does Ryan introduce Michael and Dwight to in the club? Troy
  2. Who in the office was spotted on a date without their spouse? Stanley
  3. Why was Dwight not invited to  the dinner party? They didn’t have enough wine glasses and he wasn’t part of a couple.
  4. What international destination does Michael go for a business trip? Winnipeg, Canada.
  5. Who gets injured at the company picnic volleyball game? Pam
  6. What family does Kelly tell Charles hers is like? The Kardashians
  7. Andy tells Dwight that literally every song is better when sung this way. Acapella
  8. Michael tears up a set of concert tickets and also claims to have concert tickets to auction for these TWO bands. Bruce Springsteen and Counting Crows
  9. What did Angela sell on Ebay to afford a $7000 cat, Princess Lady? Andy’s engagement ring
  10. Dwight applies the oil from what animal to cure Phyllis’ back pain? Otter
  11. What does Pam want to spend the branch’s budget surplus on? New chairs
  12. What did Kelly think Creed sold her to help her lose weight? A Tapeworm
  13. What does everyone order when they collectively eat lunch with Robert California? Chicken Piccata with a side salad
  14. What two things does Michael claim Dwight uses to brush his teeth at the hotel in Niagara Falls? Butter and clay
  15. What things in The Office (separately) do the three candies up front represent?

    • Dwight eats Nerds and says, “Look, I’m eating Jim!”
    • Andy can’t remember the tagline “Break me off a piece of that ______” and says just about everything else except Kit Kat Bar.
    • In the episode, Lecture Circuit, Michael has Pam throw Mini Mounds bars at the people he is speaking to and says “Would a liar have Mini Mounds Bars?”