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****Click here to be routed over to the BookCharge agreement.****
(Login to the portal --> Student Tab --> My Info (left side of screen) --> click on BookCharge Agreement)
BookCHARGE allows students to charge textbooks and supplies, up to $750.00 each semester, directly to their student account.

BookCHARGE is available to currently enrolled students who have a Pioneer Card and have no holds on their student account.

When is BookCHARGE available and how does it work?

BookCHARGE is available for the summer semester from April 11, 2019, through July 29, 2019, and for the fall 2019 semester from August 08, 2019 through September 19, 2019. You will be asked to present your Pioneer Card, and to sign the BookCHARGE Agreement (if you have not already done so).

What types of purchases are covered by BookCHARGE?

BookCHARGE can be used to charge textbooks and supplies, including rental textbooks, but not for the purchase of textbooks online.

How am I charged for BookCHARGE purchases?

Be responsible about your purchases. BookCHARGE purchases will be reflected on your student account on the next billing statement.

Can my Financial Aid be used toward my BookCHARGE purchases?

Yes, by using BookCHARGE, you authorize the use of financial aid funds, including Title IV financial aid funds, to pay for bookstore charges assessed against your student account.

What if I need to return any part of the BookCHARGE purchase?

Take the item(s) you wish to return to the bookstore along with your receipt. Your returned items will show as a credit on your student account. Return privileges are limited.