What is WEE?

WEE, or Women for Equality and Empowerment, is a Carroll University student organization that educates fellow students on injustices and inequalities faced by women. WEE pairs great discussions with informative sources that get peers thinking about gender equality. Members of the group participate in inspiring acts of volunteer work from helping in women's shelters to putting on events to support sexual assault survivors. Come see what WEE is all about every Monday at 8pm in the diversity lounge!


Our Executive Board is currently made up of four members:

President: Kelsey Cybell (kcybell@pio.carrollu.edu)

Vice President: Gina Pagel (rpagel@pio.carrollu.edu)

Treasurer: Megan Morris (mmorris@pio.carrollu.edu

Public Relations Manager: Lexie Kaenel (akaenelr@pio.carrollu.edu)




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