Welcome to the Treasurer’s Information page!

Here you will find information pertinent to you as a Treasurer of your Student Organization.

The following information can be found here

Financial Allocating Guidelines

Budget Forms & Explanations

Treasurer Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions


Financial Allocating Guidelines

Please refer to this document to understand how Senate funding can and cannot be used.

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Treasurer Training Powerpoint

This is the Powerpoint that was covered during Treasurer Training on during the 2020-2021 academic year. If you have any additional questions, please email sstreas@carrollu.edu.

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Request for Funding

Requests for Funding are intended for organizations to have the opportunity to request money that was not allocated to their budget. All requests must be submitted to sstreas@carrollu.edu before 12:00PM Wednesday in order to be discussed at the next Finance Committee meeting which typically take place on Sunday afternoons. Requests for $500 or less can be approved within the Finance Committee and responses will be received by organizations no later than the Wednesday after the Finance Committee meeting. Requests more than $500 require the approval of the full board and therefore take at least two weeks before the organization receives an answer. Please plan accordingly for these timelines as exceptions will not be made for lack of planning.

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Treasuer Handbook

This document outlines everything that was explained during the Treasurer Training each treasurer should have attended. This outlines how to fill out each budget document listed below and answers some frequently asked questions.

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Budget Forms

This form has been deliberately designed to make tracking your organization's budget as easy as possible! On the "MASTER" tab, input your Organization Name & the amount of money you were allocated for each account. This beginning number and your organization name will automatically be added to each page of the spreadsheet. Double click on the "Description" on the "MASTER" tab to be automatically directed to that page (for example, double clicking on "Food Services" will direct you to the "Food Services" tab). Any information inputted on the individual account tabs will be calculated for you and added to the "MASTER" page for you. Click the "Return to MASTER" link on each page to return to the "MASTER" page. Any questions regarding this document can be directed to sstreas@carrollu.edu.
(.xlsx, 151K)
This form is to be used to move money either from your organization's account to another organization's account, or to move money within your organization's account between cost centers (such as from Food Services to Supplies & Other).
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This form is used to itemize travel expenses incurred on an organization sponsored trip. Remember: original receipts are required by the Business Office in order to be reimbursed. Also remember the 75% and $100 cap rules!
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Any event in which your organization gives our prizes must submit a completed Prize Log form. Remember, only Carroll University students are eligible to win prizes. 

(.docx, 14K)
This form should be filled out by a member of your organization who purchased an item for the organization with their own money and needs to be reimbursed. Remember: original receipts are required by the Business Office in order to be reim bursed.
This form can also be accessed using the following link and selecting "Request for Payment" in the Reimbursement sect ion: https://my.carrollu.edu/ICS/Departments/Business_Office/Forms_-_Policies_-_Handouts.jnz
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If a company does not feel comfortable with sending an invoice, a Request for Purchase Order may be filled out, which essentially makes the company feel better about sending an invoice. This is an agreement with Carroll and the company saying that your organization will pay for the supplies listed before they actually send the merchandise.
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Any company who plans to invoice the University for a charge incurred by your organization must first fill out a W90 Tax Form. Without this for, the University cannot pay them.
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This form should only be used if your organization did not receive a budget for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Do not use this form for 2015-2016 budget requests.
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