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Mission Statement

 The Carroll University Student Senate represents responsibly the opinions of the student body and strives continuously to enrich all aspects of student life. The Student Senate shall accept responsibility for upholding and defending student rights, allocating the student activity fee, promoting and recognizing student leadership, serving as a liaison between the student body and other campus constituencies, evaluating and responding to the needs of the campus community, and pursuing awareness of diversity in the campus community.


Your 2019-2020 Student Senators


2020-2021 Executive Board:

Clara Clifford  President

Jason Flynn  Vice President

Josh Williams Treasurer

Jose Abreu – Senate Affairs Chair

Kailee Remez  Student Affairs Chair

Scottee Hoff   Academic Affairs Chair

Bridget Dean - Marketing Chair

Josh Williams – Finance Chair


2020-2021 Full Board:  

Jose Abreu

Paul Taylor

Bridget Dean

Rachel Krawczyk

Josh Williams

Carnelious Gill

Keelan Bell

Tillia Dillon

Ahmed Nosir

Daisy Mendiola

Heidi Schmit

Kaitlyn Disalvo

Scottee Hoff

Austin Parks

Kailee Remez

Drew Bolender

Christina Ogunnubi

Robert Fallon

Janu Patel



Elizabeth Brzeski  Senior Director of Student Affairs

Dr. Rachel Stickles - Senior Lecturer in Education



Contact US:

If you need to contact Student Senate, please use of the following options:

Attend A Meeting:
Every Sunday at 6pm in the Campus Center Boardroom
Carroll University
Student Senate
100 N. East Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186
President Email:
You have no incoming announcements.
September 8th, 2019, Minutes.docx (.docx, 25K)
September 15th, 2019, Minutes (.pdf, 145K)
September 22nd, 2019, Minutes (.docx, 24K)
September 29th, 2019, Minutes (.docx, 21K)
October 6th, 2019, Minutes (.pdf, 168K)
October 13th, 2019, Minutes (.docx, 22K)
October 27th, 2019, Minutes (.pdf, 184K)
November 3rd, 2019, Minutes (.docx, 29K)
November 10th, 2019 Minutes (.docx, 25K)
November 17th, 2019 Minutes (.docx, 30K)
November 24th, 2019 Minutes (.docx, 22K)
January 26th, 2020 Minutes (.docx, 20K)
April 29 Minutes (.docx, 14K)
September 9 Minutes (.docx, 15K)
September 30 Minutes (.docx, 15K)
October 21 Minutes (.docx, 20K)
October 28 Minutes (.docx, 20K)
September 23 Minutes (.docx, 14K)
September 16 Minutes (.docx, 15K)
September 10th Minutes (.docx, 14K)
September 17th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
September 24th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
October 1st Minutes (.docx, 16K)
October 8th Minutes (.docx, 16K)
October 22nd Minutes (.docx, 15K)
October 29th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
November 5th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
November 19th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
December 3rd Minutes (.docx, 15K)
December 10th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
January 28th Minutes (.docx, 14K)
February 11th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
February 18th Minutes (.docx, 17K)
February 25th Minutes (.docx, 16K)
March 4th Minutes (.docx, 15K)
March 11th Minutes (.docx, 16K)
April 8th Minutes (.docx, 16K)
April 15th Minutes (.docx, 16K)
April 22nd Minutes (.docx, 16K)
Summer Senate 2017
Minutes June 18th, 2017 (.pdf, 69K)
Minutes September 11th, 2016 (.docx, 104K)
Minutes September 18th, 2016 (.docx, 17K)
Minutes September 25th, 2016 (.docx, 90K)
Minutes October 2nd, 2016 (.docx, 18K)
Minutes October 9th, 2016 (.docx, 19K)
Minutes October 23rd, 2016 (.docx, 17K)
Minutes October 30th, 2016 (.docx, 19K)
Minutes November 6th, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes November 13th, 2016 (.docx, 61K)
Minutes December 4th, 2016 (.docx, 19K)
Minutes December 11th, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes January 29th, 2016 (.doc, 39K)
Minutes February 5th, 2017 (.doc, 30K)
Minutes February 12th, 2017 (.docx, 7K)
Minutes February 19th, 2017 (.docx, 15K)
Minutes February 26th, 2017 (.docx, 15K)
Minutes March 5th, 2017 (.docx, 15K)
Minutes March 26th, 2017 (.docx, 16K)
Minutes April 2nd, 2017 (.docx, 17K)
Minutes April 23rd, 2017 (.docx, 16K)
Minutes April 30th, 2017 (.docx, 15K)
March 25th Minutes (.docx, 17K)
Senate Minutes (2015-2016)
Minutes September 6th, 2015 (.docx, 25K)
Minutes September 13th, 2015 (.docx, 23K)
Minutes September 20th, 2015 (.docx, 22K)
Minutes September 27th, 2015 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes October 4th, 2015 (.docx, 23K)
Minutes October 11th, 2015 (.docx, 22K)
Minutes October 25th, 2015 (.docx, 25K)
Minutes February 14th, 2016 (.docx, 21K)
Minutes February 21st, 2016 (.docx, 22K)
Minutes February 28th, 2016 (.docx, 23K)
Minutes March 13th, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes March 20th, 2016 (.docx, 24K)
Minutes April 3rd, 2016 (.docx, 83K)
Minutes April 10th, 2016 (.docx, 25K)
Minutes April 17th, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes April 24th, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
Minutes January 24th, 2016 (.docx, 43K)
Minutes January 31st, 2016 (.docx, 26K)
Minutes February 7th, 2016 (.docx, 17K)
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