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Culver's Fundraiser

Come and see what we are all about!


Date: Friday, September 6th

Location: Main Lawn

Time: 2-4pm

President: Ashley Labodda 

Vice President: Kally Dey

Secretary: Jae Ehlinger

Treasurer: Cameron Otto

Social media/Outreach Chair: COMING SOON

SALUD: Science and Language Undergraduate Development


Carroll University's new interdisciplinary program offers students who are interested in Spanish and the Health Sciences an opportunity to prepare themselves for careers in a high-demand field.

According to a recent Wisconsin Registered Nurse Survey Report, only 11% of Wisconsin nurses spoke Spanish in 2012. As Hispanic populations in the United States continue to grow, the need for more bilingual health care providers is growing faster than ever.

In the SALUD program, Spanish and the Health Sciences are combined in coursework, cultural events, community service opportunities, a student organization and specialized international travel programs.

Through campus-wide events and volunteering, SALUD aims to teach that culture is not secondary to language, to learn how to adapt to working with patients of another culture, and to expose students to cultural norms that differ between cultures (such as ways to show respect) and to provide on- and off-campus opportunities for students interested in both Spanish and the Health Sciences to use their language skills, interact with Hispanics in the community and connect with professionals in the field.

Please contact Ashley with any questions:

You can find more information about SALUD the program on the Carroll Website Here:


Meeting Information

When: These are the meeting dates for FA19 semester at 6pm:

September 12th

October 10th

November 14th

December 12th


WhereRankin 320 (3rd floor of Rankin Hall)