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Home Schooling Six to Eight Year Olds

Whether a child has been to an institutionalized school or has been home schooled forever, many six to eight year olds enjoy learning. As a parent, understanding how your child learns, which temperament is their strongest, and what type of intelligence they excel in will greatly assist in the teaching/learning process. Six to eight year olds learn best when they are having fun. Reading to the child is essential to their learning experience. Read about a variety of subjects, such as animals, mystery, history, fantasy, classics, and adventures. Visit the library often and see what they offer. Some offer reading and art classes or other activities. Purchasing a phonics book will dramatically help your child to understand how words are phonetically read out loud.

Another lesson for this age group is writing skills. Although the child may have difficulty writing, they certainly can talk up a storm. Scribing for your child as they tell a story is a great way for them to see it written down. Have them draw pictures by the words that you have written for them. Narration is also a great tool to learning language skills. Read to your child and have them repeat in their own words what the story was about. Remember to keep all these lessons fun and stress free. Children learn at their own pace as long as there is daily practice there is nothing to worry about.

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