Luke Baldwin

Major: Chemistry
I enjoy rock climbing, running and reading very much.  I am a junior here at Carroll University and I plan to go to graduate school after getting my bachelors here.   I want to do research or be a professor in chemistry some day after I get my Phd.   I enjoy being a math tutor because I like helping other people learn that math can be understood by all and sometimes all it take is a little guidance. 

Ross Bukouricz

Major: Accounting
Minor: Math

I like playing and coaching baseball, watching the Brewers and Packers, working out and playing video games.  I became a tutor because the challenge of helping someone understand the material the first time seems appealing.



Melissa DeSwarte

Major: Actuarial Science
Hobby: Reading
I became a math tutor because: I love math!  I want to spend the rest of my life working with math and hope to share my appreciation for the subject with my fellow students.

Michelle Faust

Major: Mathematics 

I've been a math tutor since my junior year in high school.  I have lived my whole life in Waukesha, WI and I'm a commuter.  I have one brother, who also goes to Carroll University.

Melissa Hagood

Major: Mathematics
Minor: Psychology
I love riding motorcycles, and spending all day out on my bike getting lost. I also like reading and rollerblading.
I became a tutor to help students succeed at the subject I love the most and to stay on top of the the courses that I have taken in the past.


Robert Hofer

Major: Actuarial Sciences Major
Minor: Finance/Eco. 
Passed 1 actuarial exam. 
Taking the second one in May. 

I'm in the National Guard 832 Air Ambulance Unit. Will be a helicopter pilot after I graduate. Ran a marathon in May. Like to be outside, work out, play with my dog. Anything else lemme know!

Ed Knueppel

Major: Business & Information Technology
Minor: Mathematics
Interest:  I love the outdoors and music.  I enjoy spending time with my son Dylan on the weekends.  I am currently dabbling in indoor horticulture and recently received a tarantula as a gift.
I wanted to become a tutor to keep my math skills fresh and help others understand math as well. 

Nicole Listerfelt

Major: Math and Physics

Hobbies: crocheting and making jewelry

I became a tutor because I love helping people understand math and I want to become a teacher.

Tim Losby

Major: Engineering
I am currently on the football team and also enjoy watching movies.  I like tutoring because I like to help people.

Joey Manning

Major: Mathematics
I love meeting new people and making new friends.  I enjoy athletic activities and staying in shape.  I feel I'm an easily approachable person, so don't stress that first hello!

Lindsey Mathewson

Major: Math and Spanish

I enjoy music and spending time with my friends and I like being a tutor because it is a great opportunity to help other Carroll students. 

Al Mitchell

Major: Mathematics B.S.

Minor: Economics

Hobby: Friends, Music, and TV


I enjoy being a tutor because it helps me review and keep up with a diverse amount of mathematics.

Amanda Ramus

Major:  Actuarial Science

Hobbies: Piano, scrapbooking and softball

I became a tutor because it is the only way I can share my love for math and be helpful all during the same time.

Thomas Sauder

Major: Actuarial Sciences 
Double Minor: Business Finance and Entrepreneurship.  

Currently the treasure for Habitat for Humanity.  I love doing math and helping others so the math commons is perfect for me.  Hope to see you in there!