Common Words with Spanish Origins

Alligator: el lagarto, the lizard
Booby: bobo, silly or selfish, from the Latin for stammering, balbus
Bronco: meaning wild or rough
Cafeteria: cafetería, a coffee shop
Cargo: cargar, to load
Cigar, Cigarette: cigarro
Comrade: camarada, old Spanish for barracks company
 or roommate
Guerrilla: a small raiding party or fighting force
Hoosegow: from juzgado, a tribunal or courtroom, past
participle of juzgar, to judge
Mustang: mestengo or mesteño, a stray animal
Patio: courtyard in Spanish
Peccadillo: a form of pecado, to sin
Renegade: renegado, deserter or outlaw
Savvy: saber, to know
Tornado: tornar, to turn, tronada, thunderstorm
Vamoose: vamos, let's go 

Words with the same meaning in both languages include aficionadoarmada, barracudamosquito
tobacco, and vanilla.