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PioCore Program Overview

The Pioneer Core is Carroll's general education curriculum.  Pioneer Core expands student learning beyond the major area of study, providing not only depth and breadth, but also a series of cross-cultural learning opportunities.  The knowledge and skills developed through Pioneer Core are essential for students to reach their full potential as educated citizens in diverse communities and in an ever-changing workforce.  Upon completion of Carroll's Pioneer Core, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand world cultures and reflectively interact with cultures other than their own.
  • Critically evaluate global issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Understand and analyze multiple philosophical, ethical and religious positions held by persons within their own and other cultures.
  • Understand the methodologies germane to the fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as well as their larger social context.
  • Analyze and integrate material in a field outside the major area of study.
  • Develop and defend a position that demonstrates logical reasoning both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate information fluency by gathering, analyzing and synthesizing information using emerging technologies and traditional media.

Students accomplish these learning outcomes through the continuous exposure to cultural themes woven through the PioCore required courses, a distribution component and a cross-cultural experience.

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PioCore Requirements Overview

The Cross-Cultural Component is a four-course series through which students explore the study of culture:

  • Cultural Seminar (CCS 100)
  • Cross-Cultural Designation (CCD)
  • Cross-Cultural Experience (CCE or NCEP course or Study Abroad Program)
  • Global Perspectives Colloquium (CCS 400)

The Distribution component consists of courses that are outside a student’s academic major area of study. The Distribution Component of the PioCore curriculum requires four introductory-level General Education 1 (GE1) courses that encourage breadth and one higher-level General Education 2 (GE2) course that fosters depth outside the major. There are five Distribution areas:

  • Fine Arts: Through practice and study, students will learn about the creative process that is central to disciplines found within the Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Humanities: Students will examine literary and historical artifacts to understand diverse cultures and their development over time.
  • Philosophy/Ethics/Religion: Students will analyze multiple philosophical, ethical, and religious positions relative to individual and social life and acquire means to enter conversations about ethics, values and meanings.
  • Social Sciences: Students will learn theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of societal dynamics, and use that knowledge to analyze contemporary social issues.
  • Natural Sciences: Students will learn theoretical and practical methods of the natural sciences and will apply these methods to problems through laboratory or field experiences.



Pioneer Core Requirements for Traditional Students (.pdf, 82K)
Pioneer Core Requirements for Transfer Students (.pdf, 84K)
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Instructions for Submitting Signature Assignments to the X-Drive

Students are required to electronically submit signature assignments from each of their cultural core courses to the Carroll University x-drive.  If you are having difficulty with submission, please contact ITS directly at (262)-524-7229.

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