About Century

Century Magazine is Carroll’s student-run literary magazine. It first began publication back in 1948. It showcases prose, poetry, artwork, and photography created by Carroll students. Our goal is to encourage people to explore their creative side and give them the opportunity to be featured in a printed publication.

The 2019-2020 edition will be released soon.
In addition to the magazine's publication, Century seeks to promote literary and artistic events on campus throughout the academic year by hosting events like poetry readings.
To keep up to date on upcoming events, like our facebook page here.
Previous years' magazines can be found next to the Information Desk in the Campus Center next to all of the brochures or in some of the magazine racks in Stone Creek Coffee.


Check back for meeting information for the 2020-2021 year.
Meetings usually last 20-30 minutes, depending on what needs to be discussed. They can occasionally last for up to 60 minutes.


Century often hosts various events throughout the year to encourage and support the artistic community of Carroll University.
These events operate on their own schedule, so look for announcements around campus. They will also be posted on our Facebook page.
Release Party

Every year in the Spring, we host a release party to celebrate the publication of the new issue of Century Magazine. Attendees always receive free copies of the magazine and free food. Friends and family members are also welcome to join in the fun. The party features readings and showings from artists featured in the publication.

We ask that guests dress semi-formally.

Contact Information

If you need to contact Century, please e-mail one of the executive board members or the Century e-mail account:
  • General: centurysubmissions@gmail.com
  • Submissions: centurysubmissions@gmail.com
  • Co-Editor: Morgan Clark - mclark@pio.carrollu.edu
  • Co-Editor: Kya Ohlson - kohlson@pio.carrollu.edu
  • Treasurer: Check back for 2020-2021 member
  • Public Relations Manager: Check back for 2020-2021 member
  • Secretary: Check back for 2020-2021 member
  • Faculty Adviser: B.J. Best - awbest@carrollu.edu

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