Do you want to get higher education in Europe? Find best universities in Europe for foreign students, tuition fees, best higher education programs.

Higher education received abroad has always been a sign of prestige and a guarantee of professionalism. This is often true - a diploma from a foreign university opens many perspectives for successful career. How to enter a university in Europe to get best higher education?

Today, many foreign students receive their first or second higher education in Europe. According to statistics, the most popular universities in Europe are Oxford and Cambridge (UK), Heidelberg University (Germany), etc.

The most popular major is business management, and many people enter top universities in Europe to get Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Also, among students who have come from abroad, various medical specialties, specialties in IT, engineering sciences and mathematics are in demand.

Admission requirements at TOP universities in Europe

The rules differ from country to country and even from university to university. But there are some common features.

The first and obligatory requirement is excellent English proficiency or the language in which studies are conducted. However, in many universities in Europe, courses are often held in English, so you will need to pass an ESL or IELTS exam.

If you enter right after high school, you will most likely need to complete a preparatory program first. Such programs are provided in most universities in Europe, their last from 1 to 4 semesters and include English classes and a course of basic academic disciplines. At the end, students take the exam and, if it was successfully passed, they are immediately enrolled in the second year of the undergraduate program.

It is highly recommended to start searching for a university 1.5 years before the planned departure date. This is the optimal period during which you can choose programs, pass exams, complete the necessary documents and obtain a visa.

Pros and cons of getting higher education at TOP universities in Europe

High status of the diploma. Degrees received at universities in Europe are highly regarded all over the world and graduates are in-demand specialists at international labor market.

Foreign language. Even a year spent in a language environment will improve your English proficiency or another foreign language.  

Access to the latest developments. Europe takes TOPs in terms of educational technologies

Networking. During your studies, you will meet people from your field of activity, and these acquaintances in the future can be useful in your career.

Practice. Students at universities in Europe undergo internships in large companies. Students get invaluable experience through learning from real practitioners.