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 Actuarial Science Club
Whether you are an Actuarial Science major or just want to know more about actuaries, feel free to contact one of us or stop in at our meetings. We'd be more than happy to chat!

Executive Info





Carli Hora 

Vice President

Tyler Barman 


Andie Brown 


Tommy Crivello 

Advisor Info

John Symms
Office: Mathematics House 204

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Study Resources
The Infinite Actuary
Provides practice exams as well as video lectures.
Coaching Actuaries
Offers practice exams, e-manuals, flash cards, and more.
Exam FM Manual
You can buy the suggested FM manual here.
Exam P Manual

You can buy the Exam P manual here.

Informative Links
A great starting place to learn more about actuarial science.
Society of Actuaries
Look here for more information about the job, the exam process, and much more.
SOA Intern Opportunities
Check this list of employers from the SOA for possible internship opportunities.
CBT Dates
Important computer based testing dates for preliminary exams.
Social Media
Act Sci Facebook Page
"Like" our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with our meetings and events.
Actuarial Outpost
An actuarial forum. Useful resource for answering your random questions.
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Internships (.docx, 13K)

Resources for your internship search.

Exam P Practice
Exam P: SOA Problems (.pdf, 739K)
Exam P: SOA Solutions (.pdf, 722K)
Exam FM Practice
FM SOA Practice Probs/Solns (.pdf, 167K)
FM SOA Financial Economics Problems (.pdf, 309K)
FM SOA Financial Economics Solutions (.pdf, 181K)
FM SOA Interest Theory Problems (.pdf, 365K)
FM SOA Interest Theory Solutions (.pdf, 411K)
General Info
Info (.docx, 752K)
Here is a compilation of general information for the aspiring Actuary
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