Carroll Connect and Career Connect Privacy and Usage Policy

The privacy of your personal information is our top priority. Only you can update your personal information, and only verified Carroll alumni can view directory information. You may limit the information that appears to other alumni in the online directory. The information on these pages is for official Carroll and alumni association use, and for personal communication between alumni. Use of the directory for any other purpose, including commercial or political communications, is strictly prohibited. Misuse of the directory will result in loss of access privileges. Report misuse to the alumni office at

Privacy and Security

The Carroll Alumni Association has taken all reasonable precautions to secure the personal information available through Carroll Connect and Career Connect. The community is password-protected to allow access by registered Carroll alumni only. Furthermore, the online community is located on a secure Web site. Although these precautions should effectively protect any personal information available through the online directory from abuse or outside interference, a certain degree of privacy risk is faced any time information is shared over the Internet. Therefore, by updating your profile, you have the ability to control the nature and amount of information available to other alumni.

Policy and Guidelines for Proper Use

Information available through Carroll Connect and Career Connect may be used for specific personal and Carroll-related purposes only. Use of Carroll Connect and/or Career Connect for any commercial, public, political, unlawful mailing or unlawful use is strictly prohibited. Prohibited uses of the information in the online directory include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising and solicitations for commercial services.
  • Cold-calling of any kind or mass-mailings (sometimes knows as spamming).
  • Activities that are illegal or fraudulent.
  • Uses that inaccurately imply endorsement, approval or sponsorship by Carroll University.
  • Uses that can be confused with official communications of Carroll University.
  • Mailings of any kind using a false identification.
  • Activities that violate other alumni users’ privacy, such as granting access to the system or distributing information obtained from the services to non-alumni.
  • Use of obscene or vulgar language.

University Responsibilities

Neither Carroll nor the alumni association is responsible for screening communications and neither will actively monitor the use of Carroll Connect or Career Connect. Please note that it is essential for users of the community to report any abuses or misuse of the community to the alumni office.

  • If the alumni office determines that a user’s participation in the online directory might create a liability for the university, or that the user has violated the policies set forth herein, the university reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take actions against the user.
  • The university reserves the right to expel a user and to deny a user further access to Carroll Connect if such user violates these policies.
  • The university may deny access to the online directory to any individual at any time.
  • Carroll University reserves the right to discontinue any online services at any time or to revise the terms and policies of this acceptable use agreement. If the policies are revised, the updated policies will be posted on the directory web site.

User Responsibilities and Expectations

Carroll expects directory members to exhibit the same level of respect for others in this forum as in any other Carroll-related venue.

  • Because the directory will not be actively monitored by Carroll staff, it is essential that the alumni users of Carroll Connect and/or Career Connect report any abuses or misuse to the alumni office.
  • By using Carroll Connect and/or Career Connect, you agree to hold harmless Carroll and its respective agents from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, costs and expenses that might arise from your participation in and use of the community.
  • Participation in Carroll Connect and Career Connect is a privilege. By using the services, you agree to abide by the online community policies outlined herein. If you cannot accept these policies, please do not use the online community.